Be Our Shopping Guest! 10 ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Book Nerd Accessories

Any Disney fan who loves to read is bound to love Belle. Any genuine bookworm can relate to her or at least envy her breathtaking castle library.

Before the live-action film comes out in March, be prepared with all your favorite Beauty and Beast book nerd accessories.


1. Charm-ing Necklace

There a few variations of this charming charm necklace available on Etsy, but all reflect what we love about this movie.


Source: Etsy

2. Book Necklace

What bookworm doesn’t look for their favorite parts in their favorite books? Belle may be an animated character, but still she is a kindred spirit.


Based on the stained glass windows in the animated film, these bookmarks are beautiful and show that you really know the film beginning to end–literally.


Source: Etsy

4. Cuffs

Collect your favorite quotes and song lyrics from the movie with these unique cuffs!


Source: Buzzfeed

5. Book Purse

Take the book with you wherever you go and show off your love of the classic story!


Source: Etsy

6. Belle’s Cafe Mug

Let’s be honest. If Belle were a real person, in our modern world, she would totally have her own bookstore/cafe.


Source: Amazon

7. Book Clutch

Another beautiful and playful repurposed piece.


Source: Etsy

8. Paper And Jar Necklace

This unique necklace may look fragile, but the paper has been coated with a sealant, so you can feel free to wear it without worry.


Source: Etsy

9. Book Bag

If you’d prefer having this Beauty and Beast quote on a wall clock, iPhone case, laptop or iPad skin, pillow, or mug, they are also available for purchase.


Source: Society 6

10. Belle Ornament

The holidays are coming! Consider adorning your tree with this ornament. With a book in hand and wearing that iconic yellow ball gown, Belle shows us why she is one of our favorite Disney princesses.


Source: Amazon

Which Beauty and Beast book accessories are your favorite? Did I miss any that you love?

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