23 Book-Themed Halloween Costumes

Anyone can buy a prepackaged costume for Halloween at a store. It takes a true fan to put together a costume yourself, as often happens for book lovers.

If you want to dress up as anything related to a book, other than Harry Potter characters, you have to put it together yourself. It takes planning and effort, but it is so worth having a unique costume that shows your love of books. You can do many book character costumes with a group or your family and you can feel like a kid celebrating kids books and your favorite classics.

So start putting together your costume now!

Check out these amazing costume ideas based on book characters.


1. Charlotte’s Web

This children’s classic costume seems like it would be simple to add more characters if you wanted an ensemble costume.


Source: Pinterest

2. Edgar Allan Poe And The Raven

Say it with me: “Quoth the Raven ‘Nevermore.'”


3. Fox in Socks

This one would be super easy to put together, especially if you already have blue socks at home!


Source: Pinterest

4. If You Give A . . .

Yay for headbands! And cute group costumes!


Source: Pinterest

5. Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Instead of making an entire mask/helmet thing that other versions of this costume use, put the face on a stick. That way, you or your kid can actually, you know, see.


6. Paddington Bear

An easy costume with a raincoat, rain boots, cute hat, a little case, and a tag.

7. Book Fairy

Grant my wish, Book Fairy.

8. The Giving Tree

If I think too much about this one, I might cry.


Source: Pinterest

9. Olivia

Got to love the stockings.

10. The Old Man and the Sea

You can also just ignore characters completely and play with book titles. That’s fun too!

11. Princess Elizabeth From The Paper Bag Princess

You can’t get a costume much easier than a paper bag.

12. Miss Havisham From Great Expectations

This is what those old, yellowed wedding dresses at Goodwill are for.


13. Hester Prynne From The Scarlet Letter

For those who just so happen to have a Puritan costume lying around.


14. Austen Characters

If making one of these sounds daunting, you can order one here.


Source: Etsy

15. Coraline

The blue wig shouldn’t be hard to find in stores this time of year. The rest is fairly easy!


16. A Bad Case of Stripes

A costume and an excuse to call in sick the next day.


17. Effie Trinket From The Hunger Games Series

Eccentric, vibrant and sure to gain some attention!

18. Luna Lovegood From Harry Potter

Yes, this costume is from Harry Potter, but you won’t find this one in stores.


Source: Brit

19. Moaning Myrtle From Harry Potter

Although this is a DIY costume, buy a new toilet seat. Please.


Source: Buzzfeed

20. Miss Viola Swamp From Miss Nelson Is Missing!

Yours will be the scariest house on the block with this costume.


Source: Buzzfeed

21. Ms. Frizzle From The Magic School Bus

Who didn’t want her as a teacher? Besides Arnold. If you are having a hard time finding dresses with crazy patterns, try making her dress on your own by gluing items onto a neutral-colored dress.


Source: Brit

22. Pop Art Characters

For those into pop art comic books, you can dress up as your favorites!


Source: Pinterest

23. A Semicolon

If you wear this and someone asks you what you are, just walk away. You could get a group together and have all the punctuation marks!


Source: Pop Sugar

What literary costumes have you seen or done?

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