Pass Me The Popcorn: 4 Books About To Be Turned Into Movies In 2017

There’s no question that Hollywood takes much inspiration from the endless world of literature. Comic books, non-fiction, children’s stories, and a little bit of everything in between has been brought to the big screen for as long as you and I can remember. So, it’s no surprise that the following 4 books are following in the film-making footsteps.


1. The Snowman by Jo Nesbo

The Light Between Oceans actor Michael Fassbender takes on the role of Nesbo’s highly determined detective Harry Hole as he uses his knowledge and wits to solve a case involving a very menacing woman. Iconic director Martin Scorsese was set to direct though is now an executive producer on the film. The film is set to be released on October 13th of this year and also stars J.K. Simmons, Chloë Sevigny, Rebecca Ferguson, and Charlotte Gainsbourg.


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2. On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan

Back in 1962, McEwan wrote the screenplay for the movie himself and now the classic novella is being recreated once again. The story follows a young couple during the events and experiences of their wedding night and Saorise Ronan (The Lovely Bones, The Host), who also starred in another adaptation of McEwan’s novels, Atonement, is set to play the bride.


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3. The Glass Castle by Jennette Walls

This is a moving memoir if there ever was one. In The Glass Castle, Walls, who went on to become a longtime journalist for NBC, chronicles her tumultuous childhood and her relationship with her not so traditional parents. Brie Larson (Room, 21 Jump Street), is set to play Jennette, with Naomi Watts (King Kong) and Woody Harrelson (The Edge of Seventeen) starring as her mother and father.


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4. My Cousin Rachel by Daphne Du Maurier

The famed author of Rebecca also wrote another thrilling romantic mystery. My Cousin Rachel follows a young Englishmen who plans to take revenge on his attractive cousin who he believes murdered his guardian. However, things get a little more than complicated when he begins to fall under the spell of Rachel’s charm and beauty. The movie, which is set to release on July 14th of this year, stars Rachel Weisz (The Mummy, Constantine), and Sam Claflin (Me Before You).


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Looks like it’ll be a year for the movie-goer! Which book to movie releases are you stoked to see? (And also, what’s your favorite movie-watching snack)?

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