5 Graphic Novels You Should Definitely Read In 2017

The last few years have brought us some instant classics when it comes to graphic novels, but it looks like 2017 will have even more gems for us to enjoy. Although most of these selections are being published by Drawn & Quarterly, they are all very different books, both visually and thematically.


1. Sticks Angelica, Folk Hero by Michael Deforge

Coming this March is the release of Michael Deforge’s collected web-comic, Sticks Angelica, Folk Hero. This comic was originally serialized online by Deforge and is now being printed in it’s complete form for the first time. The surreal artwork and storytelling take you on what feels like a very temperamental mushroom trip, while the main character guides you through the bizarre story of her life. As quoted by Sticks Angelica herself, she is “49 years old. Former: Olympian, poet, scholar, sculptor, minister, activist, Governor General, entrepreneur, line cook, headmistress, Mountie, columnist, libertarian, cellist.”


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2. One! Hundred! Demons! by Lynda Barry

One! Hundred! Demons!, the acclaimed graphic novel by alternative comics legend Lynda Barry, is going to be available in hardcover form. This book tells seventeen beautifully illustrated, full color stories about the important lasting moments she has faced throughout her life. Her idiosyncratic style adds a charm to the stories she tells, ranging from the mundane to the surreal and absurd. She describes her stories as “autobiofictionalography”— a blend of her real world, and fantasy.


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3. Boundless by Jillian Tamaki

This June, Ignatz, Eisner, and Doug Wright Award winner, Jillian Tamaki, is releasing her newest book of short story comics titled, Boundless. These stories take place in a bizarre, contemporary world, while staying anchored down by universal themes such as insecurity and loneliness. Her comics are both hilarious and emotional, and easily relatable to anyone who reads them. Her versatile art style is always complimentary to the tone of her stories, making Boundless sure to be a haunting read.


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4. Roughneck by Jeff Lemire

Jeff Lemire is currently one of the most hard-working creators in the comics game, and that shows by the amount of high quality comics he is putting out every month. While writing books for virtually every comics publisher, Jeff seems to find time to work on more personal projects– this one being his upcoming graphic novel, Roughneck. It tell the story of an ex-hockey player who ended his career after a violent incident he was a part of. While living up north off of his bad reputation, his sister, who is on the run from an abusive relationship, comes to visit him. The two attempt to reconnect, but that is interrupted by the arrival of his sister’s ex-boyfriend. Like most of Jeff Lemire’s graphic novels, this is bound to be an emotional story about family, and dealing with the past. Roughneck is set to be released in April.


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5. Palookaville #23 by Seth

Palookaville #23 marks the anticipated end to Seth’s long-going Clyde Fans series. Telling the story of a man, his brother, and their dying fan business, Seth originally began serializing Clyde Fans in Palookaville twenty years ago. This brilliantly designed book also expands on his “Nothing Lasts” series, a comic strip retrospective of his life, and features images of paintings and drawings which he has exhibited at galleries. Seth is a master of his craft, and Palookaville #23 is a must read this May for any fans of classic cartooning, and alternative comics in general.


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Without coming as a surprise, 2017 is set to be another great year for graphic novel fans. With such a diverse lineup of books on the way, there is bound to be something for everyone. You should definitely check out all of these creators back catalogs, and read these sure to be great graphic novels as soon as they’re available.

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