You Gave Me A Book? 5 Ways To Gift A Book To A Non-Bookworm This Holiday Season

Not everyone loves reading books. Hard to believe, but it’s true. So it somewhat makes sense that those people would not be excited to receive a book as a holiday gift. For some it is like unwrapping socks. They say that the most meaningful gifts are those from the heart, and for us bookworms, giving a book is like giving a piece of your heart, especially when gifting a book that has meant a lot to us or a book that we genuinely think our loved one would like. But how can you help your non-bookworm loved one see your gift’s value?


1. Make The Gift About Them

When you’re getting a gift for someone, it needs to be about them. What do they like? Well, at this point, you could be saying, “He doesn’t like books, so why would I try to give him a book?” True, cater the gift to the person, but that doesn’t automatically mean that you can’t give a book to a non-bookworm. Does your friend love to grill? Give him or her a grilling cookbook like Meathead: The Science of Great Barbeque and Grilling.


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Does your mom love cheesy Christmas specials on TV? Give her something like Christmas Jars. Does your brother like to watch cop shows? Try giving him a crime novel. If your spouse is too busy to sit down and read, find an audio version of the book, which is better for multitasking.


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With the new Star Wars films coming out over the next couple of years, did you know there are tons of Star Wars books? If you have a Star Wars nut on your shopping list, you could get them hooked on the books.


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These are just a few examples. You know your loved one’s interests. Find a book that matches what they love. Your book present can still be about your loved one and involve books, even if they claim not to like books.

2. Dress It Up

Just like preparing for a date or interview, you can dress up to impress and intrigue. To make your book gift more appealing, consider combining the book with other objects that you know that person likes. If there is a movie version, you could bundle the two together. Include popcorn or another snack, facial masks to help them relax while reading, or any other goodies to make the gift seem more fun and more like a source of entertainment and relaxation.

3. Facilitate Quiet Time To Read

Life and the holidays are busy. One complaint of non-bookworms is how time-intensive reading can be. In addition to the book, one gift you can give is the gift of time to read it. Help mom and dad prepare dinner, so they can sit back, relax, and read a book too. Watch your sister’s kids for an hour, so she can read her new favorite book, the one you’re giving her.


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4. Share Why You Love The Book

When a kid gives you a indecipherable drawing or a craft with glitter and macaroni pasta glued to it, you may not initially see how amazing it truly is. But when she explains that the drawing is the two of you hugging or that she spent an hour making that craft, your heart inevitably melts. You can explain that the book made you think of him or her, that you loved the main character (who reminds you of your loved one), or that the book you are sharing is really important to you. Perhaps they will feel your love for them and for books and want to read your gift.

Maybe they will love the book and learn to love reading. Maybe. With a holiday miracle.

5. Wrap It Up Pretty

If all else fails, perhaps they will appreciate your pretty wrapping job, and that joy will carry through to the gift itself. Again, looking for a holiday miracle here.

How have you given books to your family and friends who aren’t bookworms? How do you help them get more excited about your book gift?

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