Spreading Holiday Joy, One Guinness Record At A Time

Guinness World Records are pretty astonishing. People do some wild, creative, and down right crazy things for the coveted record holder title. However, its not often that a world record comes along that isn’t just for the sake of the title.

Behold: The best Christmas tree idea, like, ever! The General Foundation of Woman’s Club (GFWC) of Tennessee assembled 10, 300 children’s books, creating a large tree reaching an impressive height of over ten feet. This feat alone is impressive considering these two facts:

1. Donations & Logging

All of the stories that make up the DNA of the Christmas Tree were donated. The hardest part of this massive project was in fact logging all of the titles. Guinness required the titles and the authors for every. single. book!

The thought of people coming to donate a children’s book to this process is completely heartwarming, but I couldn’t help but think why? Why hoard all of these fabulous pages of uncountable teaching moments?

This is where fact two comes into play…


Source: Pixabay

2. Ha! There Is A Secondary Motive

So, as it turns out, the women of GFWC were not just trying to win the prestigious Guinness World Record holder title. 9, 300 of the books will be headed to shelters, schools, Saint Judes, and other hospitals in the area. I know exactly what you are thinking in this moment.

There are still a thousand books! What is happening with a thousand left over books? Surely they won’t be wasted! (See — I knew it!) Take a deep breath, the books have a pre-arranged home.

The precious tree is currently being rebuilt in the Governor’s Mansion. This will be the literary structure’s home until January, 2017. Here, people who tour the mansion over the holiday season can take in the beautiful sight before it is dismantled.

Right, those thousand leftover books! The Governor’s wife, Chrissy Haslam, runs a program named Read20. This program helps to promote reading by encouragement. Children are encouraged to read a minimum of twenty minutes a day. Naturally, those thousand children’s books will head to Read20 and have a permanent home there!


Source: Read20

How sweet is this creation? I hope the women at GFCW forever cherish their Guinness title, and also the impact they are making in the lives of many children!

What are some other Guinness World Records that bring back your faith in humanity?

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Featured image via Pixabay

h/t Knoxville News Sentinel