Do you have irregular periods, extreme cramping, excess facial hair, or trouble losing weight? If so, you may have a relatively common endocrine disorder known as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, or PCOS for short. With this condition, hormone imbalances and insulin sensitivity cause egg follicles not to form completely on the ovary, leaving the sufferer with dozens of small cysts all over the ovary. It can result in weight gain, irregular and difficult periods, and infertility and many other secondary problems, such as fatigue and depression/anxiety. If you’re one of the “cysters,” here are a few books that may help you combat and manage the symptoms.


1. The PCOS Diet Plan: A Natural Approach to Health for Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome by Hillary Wright

Because PCOS is tied so closely with insulin resistance and Type 2 Diabetes, diet is an important part of managing the symptoms and doing what one can to reverse its negative effects. Wright has developed a diet and exercise plan that is helpful and a book that lays it out plainly with lots of useful tips and plans.

Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon

2. Peach Fuzz & Baggage: PCOS From a Survivor’s Point of View by Kimberly Davis

Davis shares the story of her diagnosis with PCOS and the daily battles that sufferers face. With a sense of grace and humor, Davis mixes her personal narrative with medical information to enlighten readers about what it really means to struggle with an endocrine disorder.

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3. I Kept My Smile: From a Girl to a Woman With: PCOS by Keshena Patterson

Patterson’s memoir covers her difficulties with growing up as a teenager with PCOS. Her book is filled with advice and tips to manage symptoms, but mostly serves as a source of encouragement and a voice to remind sufferers that they are not alone.

Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon

4. What Nurses Know…PCOS by Karen Roush

Karen’s credentials as an RN and FNP lend an expertise about the health issues connected to PCOS that are hard to find in most books. She discusses the causes of and effects from PCOS in detail and how to manage the symptoms. Additionally, she provides information for support resources, both online and in person.

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5. The PCOS Workbook: Your Guide to Complete Physical and Emotional Health by Angela Grassi and Stephanie Mattei

This book is so much more than just a guide with diagnosis information; it’s an actual workbook with exercises, profiles, and assessments for you to take to gauge your condition and learn how to manage and improve it!

Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon

PCOS sucks, to be honest. But it can be manageable. I hope you’ll find these books useful in your journey to beat your condition and restore your health!

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