7 Pairs of Book Socks That Will Literally Uhh, Well, Rock Your Socks


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Are you one of those people who always seems to be cold no matter what? I feel your pain. While the wonderful invention of Snuggies have revolutionized the way we warm ourselves up, socks are a classic comfort for our feet too! Here are 7 Pairs of bookish socks that will get you in the mood for a cozy reading evening!

1. Out of Print

A fun and basic black and white pair that has tons of classic titles listed all over!


Source: Amazon

2. Foot Traffic

A pair with various books scattered all over!


Source: Amazon

3. Library Card

These vibrant yellow socks have an old-school library print on them which is a great touch! This pair also comes in blue.


Source: Amazon

4. Cats

Cats on your socks. Now your life is complete.


Source: Amazon

5. Teacher’s Pet

This pair includes apples, rulers, books and all that cool stuff that we associate with teachers. Fun gift for a favorite teacher!


Source: Amazon

6. Edgar Allan Poe

This pair has Edgar Allan Poe’s face all over them!


Source: Amazon

7. Harry Potter

You knew that this one was coming didn’t you? This pair includes a vibrant collage of all things Harry Potter. I wonder if J.K. Rowling has a pair…


Source: Amazon

Which pair of socks are you most obsessed with?



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