7 Comfy Bookish Pillows and Pillowcases To Fuel Your Love of Reading

I don’t know about you but I love finding new pillows to decorate my home with and cuddle up to when I’m winding down with a favorite book. Having so many pillows brings me back to the days when the only worry you had was making sure you built the most stable, tallest, and awesome pillow fort among your friends at a sleepover. Luckily, we can still re-create those innocent times with a few of these bookish pillows below!


1. Alice in Wonderland (Pillow)

A fluffy book pillow opened up to the pages of Lewis Carroll’s classic, imaginative novel, Alice in Wonderland.


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2. I Like Big Books And I Cannot Lie (Pillowcase)

You other readers can’t deny; when a book walks in with a good plot base and a big spine in your face you get SPRUNG!


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3. A Room Without Books is Like a Body Without a Soul (Pillowcase)

I’m sure a majority of us bookworms have heard and awed at this lovely quote by Cicero. Timeless.


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4. Mr. Darcy Quote (Pillowcase)

The classic, romantic quote from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.


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5. She Reads… (Pillowcase)

Books as one would breathe air. Such a lovely quote.


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6. I Need More… (Pillowcase)

What else? More Books!


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7. The Raven (Pillowcase)

This one isn’t specifically listed as being associated with Edgar Allan Poe’s classic Gothic novel, though it definitely gives off that vibe!


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Which bookish pillow will you be cozying up to?

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