14 Bookish Confessions That Will Bring Out All The Feels

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It happens. And it happens a lot. Awkward moments are just inevitable and there’s no sure fire way to ease that excruciating pain of the silence following. However, sometimes it helps to just look back and laugh at the unimaginable situations we’ve experienced. For some background music, check out this cute kid singing about his love of books to the tune of Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’. Afterwards, check out these hilarious, touching and all around random experiences┬ápeople have had with books.

1. Missing Library Book

I wonder how he got away with that!


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2. Love Note Catastrophe

She’s a woman. I’m sure she’s found them and asked some questions (Haha)


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3. Lies, Lies and More Lies

How long would your lie book be?


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4. Don’t Stereotype

Girls dig comics too.


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5. Leisure vs. Textbook Reading



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6. Burn Book

Certainly not the nicest people to be friends with!


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7. My Bookshelf is Suffering

Ah, we have all been there, haven’t we?


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8. Two Boys, Same Name

This anonymous poster is referring to John Green’s other popular book, Will Grayson, Will Grayson. It is co-authored with David Levithan, another widely known author in the Young Adult, Contemporary genres.


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9. Dreaming

It can’t hurt to dream, right?


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10. Yay!

Who is excited for school to be over?


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11. Blind Date

What a cool idea!


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12. The Kind of Person That

Haha, who else only has room for their books and themselves?


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13. Automatically

Simple enough, right?


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14. The Struggle

How do you decide what to read first?


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I hope you enjoyed these one of a kind book confessions! What are some of yours?


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