11 Dreamy Home Furnishings For A Book Lover

In a perfect world, my home would have a magical reading space in every room. It would be modern, cozy, and covered in words. This collection of unique home furnishings take book porn to the next level. Be prepared to be Envious!


1. A Dream-Worthy Headboard

This cozy book covered headboard is filled with inspiring words, perfect to scan just before shutting heavy eyelids and drifting off to sleep. For the DIY project, visit the Design Every Day blog. Please note: The books used for this project were thrift store buys, likely destined to land in a garbage dump. It’s all about up-cycling my literary friends!

2. Heavenly Bookish Wallpaper

Mr Perswall wallpaper is perfect for people who don’t have enough books to cover an entire wall (or all the walls!). So colorful. So dreamy.


Source: Mr Perswall

3. This Thought- Provoking Shower Curtain

Creativity flows in the shower. Why not increase your productivity by displaying an inspiring Ghandi quote for all bathroom users to see? Ideas will come while teeth are brushed, hair is combed, and of course, while toilet time commences. Win-win I say.


Source: Cafepress

4. The Perfect Garden Book Nook

The sound of birds, and the tussle of trees being combed over by the wind makes for a seriously magical reading oasis. This project by BGH leaves us breathless and yearning to read (and nap!) in the wilderness of our very own backyard.


Source: BGH

5. A Very Literal Bookshelf

This bookcase would definitely make reading a priority. It’s the most sweet place to store books, and have them all displayed nicely. You could color coordinate the books within, too (or is that just me)? I’m just going to sneak off to FAB.com and grab my own right now, Shhh.


Source: FAB

6. A Table Made for Comic Book Worshipers

Featured on Hatch Art House, this Green Cricket Salvage table gives off some serious hero vibes. Having the ability to set your coffee down on this table increases your coolness by at least 70%, in my book. It would be easy enough to recreate this creative table in a DIY fashion. That is, if you can stand parting with any beloved comic books or graphic novels.

7. Chair, Or Personal Library, Or Both? You Decide

How awesome would reading, or slamming keys (or simply daydreaming) be in this incredible chair? On the far side of the chair there is space for books on cube-shaped shelves. Magazines hang from sturdy straps, displaying all reading material beautifully.


Source: Studio Tilt

8. A Nature Ogling Book Nook

Whether you enjoy people watching, or viewing a lush green scene, this book nook will definitely make you swoon. This picturesque window is everything.

9. Every Tub-Readers Dream Space

Place the “do not disturb.” (ever again) sign on the door, and indulge. Soaking and reading. Reading and soaking. #bliss

10. A Nook For Adults And Kids Alike

This is a stairway to heaven, with your next novel waiting by every step. Totally genius.


Source: Archdaily

11. The Ultimate Home Library

Let’s be honest, since this is in our dreams, why can’t we have everything we want (and deserve). Enter; a completely luxurious home library.


Source: Twitter

Are you scooping your jaw off the floor yet? Turning green?

… Yeah, me too! Now to win the lottery and make this dream a reality.


YouTube Channel: Dream House


Featured image via Pixabay

h/t Buzzfeed & Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

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