8 Hilarious, But Totally Innocent, Pranks To Pull On A Book Lover

Pranks are funny. No, they’re hilarious! Everyone should give and receive a good prank every now and then, even or perhaps especially book lovers. It’s good for the soul.

But be warned. Make sure the person can handle a little teasing and pranking fun. When it comes to our books, we book lovers can be sensitive about keeping everything undamaged. So if you pull a prank on a book lover, I recommend not pushing it too far or be prepared to help fix what you’ve done, unless you don’t intend to remain friends. Books are more than just ink on pages. Be cool, okay?

But for those who have any sense of humor, here are some hilarious pranks to try on your book lover friend or loved one.


1. Pull a prank call

The next time your friend leaves their phone out, instead of posting an embarrassing Facebook status, change your contact name on their phone to ‘Your Books’ or their favorite book character or author. Then call them. Who wouldn’t freak out, even if just for split second, to see that J.K. Rowling is calling? Or who wouldn’t smile to see that their Kindred Spirit is calling? (Shout out to Anne of Green Gables fans.) You both can have a nice laugh to start off the conversation.

your books are calling you

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2. Bring a fictional world to life

Let’s just explore the Harry Potter world.

On your friend’s bathroom mirror, leave a message that will simultaneously excite and freak them out.

chamber of secrets

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And make something that normally would appall them seem really, really tempting.

HP sign

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On the other hand, you can make your friend reconsider going on the toilet. I’ve never noticed how many awkward bathroom scenarios are involved in Harry Potter before now!

moaning myrtle

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3. Switch jackets

Find books of similar size and switch their dust jackets. If needed, concoct some reason for the person to open one of them. (For example, challenge them on a quote or plot event.) Then just enjoy the look of confusion on their face as they figure it out.


Source: Balpreet’s Blog

4. Replace bookmarks with “money”

Sure they will be a little disappointed that the money isn’t real, but at least their spot in the book is still reserved.

dollar bookmark

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5. Make a kid’s day

Why wait until Halloween to dress up? Make a kid’s day (even if it’s just your own inner child’s day) by dressing up as Belle or your favorite book character and going to a bookstore.

Belle at bookstore

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6. Be punny and goofy

As much as we groan when dad says them, who doesn’t secretly love a good pun or play on words? Well, play away with words, characters, and more!


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Check out this one for libraries! Self check out. Ha!

self check out

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7. Read awkward books in public

Find or make an awkward dust jacket, cover a book, and read in public. Since you’ll be “reading” the book, you could take turns with a friend, so you have a chance to watch other people’s reactions.


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8. Record an audiobook

You know those children’s books that record you reading the book? This is the prankster version. I wouldn’t recommend recording 8 hours worth. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I think a minute or two should get the idea across.

audiobook prank

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How would you prank book lovers in your life? Can you think of other book-related pranks?

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