13 Extra Cozy Reading Nooks Any Book Lover Will Fall In Love With

We’ve given you a few helpful tips for building your own personalized reading nook, though since book lovers are always searching for more bookish goodness, we thought we’d bring you a few more to fall in love with. Check out the following 13 reading nooks perfect for helping you create a relaxing, peaceful, and special reading place just for you.


1. Tree Reading Nook

Adorable for the smaller bookworm who loves animals, wildlife, and, of course, reading!

2. Outdoor Nook By The Pond

If you love to watch the natural scenery of earth while you’re indulging in some quality book time, consider building a nook like this one.


Source: Z District

3. Under The Stairs

If you have a good amount of space in a small closet or storage underneath your stairs, this snug nook will make you feel like you’re actually under the stars. You can pick up similar crystal lights, here.

4. DIY Nook

An ideal project for the DIY fanatic in your life. You can turn an old, unused closet into a secluded nook such as this one. For more privacy, you could even put up a curtain rod and add a delicate sheet.

5. Bean Bag Nook

One of the more simple reading nook ideas, and probably cheaper. Simply buy a favorite bean bag of your choice, and add a lovely canopy above it.


Source: How Does She

6. Bed Reading Nook

Even though this is targeted more towards kids, I would love to have a reading nook attached to my bed. So convenient!

7. Indoor Tree House

This one seems easy enough to build and allows children some privacy while you can still keep an active eye on them.


Source: Velkommen

8. Gorilla Reading Nook

If you or your kid has a love for gorillas, look no further than this nook idea!

9. Small Reading Corner

This one’s like a little living room! So cute.


Source: Mae de Guri

10. Rain Gutter Nook

Just add a few rain gutter shelves, a stylish rug, and depending on whether you’re creating a nook for a child, possibly a few of their favorite stuffed animals.

11. Cozy On The Floor

The epitome of cozy, peaceful, uninterrupted reading.


Source: Bloglovin

12. Two Peas In A Bookshelf

Ideal if you have two mini-bookworms who have different tastes in books. One side could be devoted to one’s favorite reads, while the other reflects the other’s most loved reads.


Source: Mommo Design

13. Mother Nature’s Book Haven

I can imagine how ethereal this reading nook would look during the nighttime with firefly lights scattered around it. Of course, this would be better suited to those who don’t have to deal with flip floppy weather 365 days a year, though, nonetheless, it is pretty rad.

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Featured image via Home Designing

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