Cha-Ching! 5 Books To Help You Stick To Your Holiday Budget

During the holidays, with parties and gifts for practically everyone you have ever met, you’re probably feeling the pinch on your wallet. But being generous and having a memorable, meaningful Christmas doesn’t have to cause you to file for bankruptcy. Check out these books that help you stick to your holiday budget and breathe a little easier this time of year.


1. DIY Holiday Gifts: 30 Best-Kept-Secret Homemade Holiday Gifts To Make On a Budget! by Rose Michaels

There are a lot of gifts you can make on your own and save money. Many of these DIY gifts seem like they come from a boutique. Although we don’t want Pinterest fails, not all of the DIY ideas here are only for hardcore crafty people.  They could be worth a try!


Rose Michaels, author of DIY Holiday Gifts; Source: Amazon

2. Christmas Holiday Organizer Planner and Memories by Gifts Plus

It’s never too late to get organized, even for an event that is only days away. This organizer not only helps you look ahead at your “to do” list, it provides Christmas dinner tips, areas to record special memories, and aids for planning parties. When you’re appropriately organized, you can avoid unnecessary trips to stores and splurges, and research where to get deals on what you need–which leads to spending less.


Source: Amazon

3. Have Yourself a Thrifty Little Christmas: And a Debt-Free New Year by Daisy Luther and Rachel Lauren

This Kindle edition guide gives specific advice on how to get the whole family on board with being thrifty during the holiday season. Instead of spending the average $806 per person and paying for it for months afterward, you can spend less while still helping each person feel loved, making memories, and feeling the holiday spirit.


4. Christmas on a Budget: How to Get Christmas Decorations, Gifts, and More for Less by Marie Collins

Even if you’re not a DIY type of person, you can still save money. In this quick, short book, the author shares where to find inexpensive holiday decorations and how to find the best discounts on toys and other gifts. Who couldn’t use that?


Source: Amazon

5. Why Didn’t They Teach Me This in School?: 99 Personal Money Management Principles to Live By by Cary Siegel

At first glance, this book clearly covers more than just staying within your holiday budget, though, if you can stick to your budget during the year, you may not feel as much stress as you prepare for the holidays. Also, it’s never too early to start planning for holiday gifts and budgeting for next year.

Covering 99 financial principles, this book has it all to make your holiday magical without breaking your budget!


Source: Amazon

What books help you stay on budget during the holidays?

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