20 Seriously Cool Reading Related Tattoos

It’s true, tattoos may not be for everyone but they sure can be fun to look at! I’ve compiled 20 tattoos related to reading that I thought may deepen your love for books even more. Perhaps, you may even be tempted to get one after checking these out!

1. Falling Books

Simple, though beautifully detailed.

2. Lovely Quote Tree

I wonder what the stories are behind each of these quotes. One of my favorites of the bunch.


Source: TattooLit

3. Very Colorful Book Stairs

Book after book after book. Absolute Paradise.


Source: Ask Ideas

4. “There’s More to Life Than Books You Know, But Not Much More.”

Check out the striking dimensions in this one!


Source: Mental Floss

5. Stunning Watercolor

I love the messy, yet delicate feel of this one.


Source: Ask Ideas

6. Simple Cat in the Hat

A hat easily recognized all over the world. Ode to Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat.


Source: Cat Fotos

7. Some Say…

What are your thoughts on this quote?

book image7

Source: The Gloss

8. Cheshire Cat

Slightly creepy, though there’s no misunderstanding of who this famous feline is. I wonder if Alice is nearby?

9. “…All the Best People Are.”

Ode to Alice in Wonderland. Are you a little ‘mad’ too?


Source: Bustle

10. How Sweet

Perfect for two bookworms in love.


Source: Tattoo Mags

11. Dr. Seuss

Wow! Check out the detail on this! This person must hold Dr. Seuss‘ work very dear to their heart.


Source: Tattoo

12. Where’s Waldo?

Found him! Who else loved reading Martin Handford’s Where’s Waldo books?


Source: Neatorama

13. Owl

This is probably one of the most vibrant!

14. Once Upon A Time

I could see myself getting this one. Such a classic book opening, yet so beloved.

15. Edgar Allen Poe

Another author tribute! The color contrast, in addition to the merging of Edgar with The Raven, one of his most noted works, is bound to attract attention.

16. Comic Book

This must have taken hours. Well, the body is a canvas after all, right?


Source: Guy Speed

17. Hemingway

It’s comforting to know one can always count on a book.

18. Where’s Waldo Puzzle

This takes Waldo enthusiasm to a completely different level! I admire the dedication though. It turned out awesome.


Source: Tattoo Set

19. Cup of Tea

Perfect evening in: a cup of tea, a good book, and a comfy atmosphere. Doesn’t get much better than that.

cup of tea

Source: Imgrum

20. Late Night Reading

Calling all night-owls! Who gets most of their reading done at night?


Source: Tattoo Esque

So what do you think? Are you ready to get one of these amazing tattoos inked on?


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