10 Book Ornaments To Go On Your Tree

A person’s Christmas tree can show their personality and the little things that are important to them. For us book lovers, we can adorn our trees with ornaments about what else? Books!


1. Harry Potter

This simple HP ornament would be so easy to make with a black ornament and a Sharpie. Or if you want something else, you can check out the many, many other HP options out there.


Source: Diply

No, these HP books aren’t floating by a spell. Check out the tutorial to know how you can do this magic.


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2. Austen‘s Books

You can hang your favorite Austen books individually or have a grouping of your favorite Austen titles with these two Austen ornament choices.


Source: Pinterest

3. Vintage Cover Journals

These blank mini books have adorable vintage covers, and you can actually write in them. You can record important memories or guest lists and make them personal keepsakes.

4. Library In A Ball

If you can’t decide which book to use for an ornament, why not use all of them? You can include as many as you want in this ornament right here.

5. The Grinch

You could remind yourself and everyone who sees your tree about the Grinch‘s small heart that grew three sizes with this felt ornament.


Source: Fun A Day

6. Polar Express

Bells are always a classic addition to a tree’s decorations.

7. A Christmas Carol

It makes perfect sense to hang up an ornament about one of the most famous Christmas stories.

Vaillancourt CHARLES DICKENS BOOK ORNAMENT Glass Christmas Carol

Source: SBK Gifts

You could also hang up the powerful words of Scrooge’s nephew, Fred, in scroll format. Scrolls just look so official, like a proclamation. Hear ye!


Source: Etsy

8. Swedish Advent Star

Put your origami skills to the test with this Swedish Advent star using text from your favorite book. It’s beautiful, literary, and cultural.


Source: Borei Design

9. DC And Marvel characters

Whether you’re a DC fan or a Marvel fan, you can deck your tree with your favorite heroes.


Source: Etsy

10. Page Chain

Don’t forget the garland. Opt for this easy alternative using whatever book you want.

What book ornaments do you have? Which books would you want to have an ornament?

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