Boo! 16 Spooky And Amazing Literary Pumpkins

Halloween is a great time to use your creativity. You can express yourself when you dress up in your costumes or decorate your house. Why not express your love of books when you carve your pumpkin as well?

Check out these amazingly carved, book-themed works of art!


1. Harry Potter

There are a million different Harry Potter designs you could use for a pumpkin. This one of his initials seems fairly easy and would be easily recognized by trick-or-treaters of all ages.


Source: PopSugar

2. The Raven

What would Halloween be without mentioning Poe or his infamous Raven? With this design, you can add your own unique flare by using white pumpkins and an “actual” raven.


Source: Holiday Barn

3. The Hobbit

If you can do this level of carving, you have missed your calling as an artist. Amazing!


Source: Book Trib

4. Shakespeare

Put a few smoking cauldrons around this pumpkin, and you’d have a perfect fit for the witches’ “double, double toil and trouble” scene in Macbeth.


Source: Pinterest

5. Ichabod

Like Poe and The Raven, how can you leave out Ichabod and Sleepy Hollow during Halloween? Simple and elegant, this pumpkin is classy and literary.

6. Camp Half-Blood

This pumpkin from the Percy Jackson and Olympians series would go especially well with Greek mythology-themed decorations like Medusa’s head.


Source: Media Cache

7. Austenland

It takes serious skill to carve part way into the pumpkin, but the glowing effect is amazing. Although this pumpkin might not entertain young trick-or-treaters, it shows your neighbors where your heart is. And who doesn’t love Mr. Darcy?


Source: Book Trib

8. Jane Austen profile

If you’re an Austen purist, you could carve a profile and add her signature.


Source: My Dream Austenworld

9. Divergent

Unlike the simulations in the book, this pumpkin is real, people. Really cool!

10. Sherlock Holmes

Another profile you could do is everyone’s favorite detective.


Source: Buzzfeed

11. Narnia

This fun and detailed pumpkin almost makes you excited about winter. Not an eternal winter with an evil queen, but a normal winter maybe.


Source: Media Cache

12. Brisingr

This intricate carving is based off the third novel in the ultra-popular Inheritance Cycle saga by Christopher  Paolini. So much detail and precision. Stunning!


Source: Buzzfeed

13. The Mockingjay

Passers-by may give you a three-fingered salute for this pumpkin.


Source: Book Riot

14. Bookshelf

This pumpkin offers a natural way to start your own small community library. However, I can foresee some issues with this design. Pumpkins eventually decay. Unless you don’t mind getting pumpkin gunk on your books, I recommend putting something inside the pumpkin to protect the books.


Source: Abebooks

15. The Lord of the Rings

What is a pumpkin if not a giant ring? Perfect for the inscription on the One Ring.

16. The Eye of Sauron

I realize this list already included an eye of Sauron, but I love how delightfully creepy the description and the skillful carving of this pumpkin are. I’ve got goosebumps, both from creepiness and book nerdiness!


Source: LOTR Project

What book would you base your literary pumpkin on? Which are your favorites?

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Featured image via Book Trib

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