Should You Read ‘The Girl With All The Gifts’ Before Seeing The Movie?

So you’ve probably seen the trailer for The Girl With All The Gifts, complete with it’s zombie-like beings and dystopian overtones. But before you rush off to the cinema to watch (and perhaps soon forget) the movie, I encourage you to take a pause, and read the book first.

The Girl With All the Gifts by M.R. Carey follows the story of a girl and her teacher, battling through a dismal world where disease has turned most of humanity into monsters. A clean cut Them vs Us attitude is quickly abandoned as you come to realize the complexities of the situation at hand. Morally dubious actions are presented in a world where society itself is collapsing, and many are forced to face the question of how far they will go for a cure.


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As I near the end of this powerful book, I have come to realize that the bold claims on its cover are by no means exaggerated. Carey has created a truly thrilling novel that deserves to be considered and appreciated, not forgotten as a result of a movie adaptation. This book is a masterpiece of the dystopian genre, taking overwritten and often dry themes and transforming them into something compelling and engrossing. Instead of focusing on the brutality and gore of an apocalyptic world, Carey chooses instead to draw you into the hearts and minds of his characters, allowing you to get lost in their heads.

His poignant and unexpected writing style drip feeds information concerning the calamity of the world at large, whilst delving into the complex emotional states of all those who are battling through such challenging circumstances. Through the intelligent eyes of ten year old Melanie, Carey introduces his chaotic world, before switching perspectives continually to allow for an intricate creation to form.

I feel this book is a beautiful addition to the dystopian genre, moving away from predictable YA themes, and into another league altogether. By all means experience the movie, but not before enjoying the book. I promise you won’t regret it.

Happy reading!

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