Readers Beware: The Annoying Reality Of Story Spoilers

Anyone who is a fan of books, movies, plays, and other forms of storytelling media can confirm the plot twist is one of the greatest aspects of our experience. A great writer, director, or playwright has the ability to draw you in and make you feel as if the experience playing out before you is happening to you. Your emotions get tied up in the moment and as the story crescendos your heart sores or breaks and it is that moment where there is no distance between the creator and the fan.


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So, what happens when the well-intentioned friend walks up to you and says: “Oh did you read where SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER? I can tell you what happens!”A little piece of you slowly dies as they steal from you the moment of discovery. The moment where you naturally stumble upon a major plot twist or reveal. Putting just a bit more distance between your connection with the story and the reaction every writer, director, or playwright is going for. Now, the moment that could have ended with the WOW factor is now a mere of an Ehh.


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Don’t believe me? Well a study from Emory University proved, in a rather unusual way, that our brain react more when we are surprised. They proved this by splitting a group of participants into two groups. The first group got random squirts of fruit juice in their mouths while the other got shots of fruit juice periodically. In the end, the first group had more activity towards the center of their brains showing that our brains react more flamboyantly when surprised.

Ok, so it’s not plot spoilers but it still proves my point.

So here’s the kicker, there is a super simple fix. One that is so simple in its application that it almost seems too good to be true. Are you ready? The answer is simple…. (see image below)


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No, seriously stop telling us there is a plot twist. Stop telling us we will be mad after we read Chapter 11 and for the love of all the great writers that have gone before us, stop telling us what happens! Allow us the opportunity to stumble upon the characters naturally and while I know there are those of you who like to know what’s going to happen, I also have a theory that you’re dead inside (just kidding)!

But seriously, while to you it may not seem like such a big deal, for those of us who love the roller coaster of emotion that is the storyline, those are the moments that make the art of storytelling what it is. So, please respect the writers, respect the audience, and always respect the process.

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