Book Review: The New Girl (Webster Grove Book #1) By Tracie Puckett

Don’t you just love free e-books? I know I do! That’s where I found this hidden gem of a novel, the first of a five part series entitled the Webster Grove series. The first novel, or novella rather since the story is told only through 76-pages, follows Abcdef Ghijk (yes, that is what her mother, Caroline decided to name her; she’s kind of an artsy type) who decides to go simply by Steph. For as long as she can remember, Steph and her desperately hopeless romantic of a mother, Caroline, have been bouncing between one town after the other, on the run from Steph’s physically abusive father.

Finally, the two seem to find home in a town called Webster Grove, though soon to be 18 year old Steph isn’t allowing herself to get too comfortable or too close to anyone. That is until she lays eyes on her young, crazy attractive English teacher, Mr. Rivera.

Now, there is quite a lot of detail and scenes in which Mr. Rivera is involved which may lead you into thinking that this story is going to take a darker, and more sexually charged turn, however, in this novel at least, nothing hot and heavy occurs.


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Instead, the author takes the time to build up the friendships of Steph, Bridget, a very bubbly and caring person, and Nate, the typical skater boy who if often seen in a brotherly light.

Going into the novella, I didn’t realize that it was a part of a series (I know, usually I do a little more research before starting a book) though now after finishing it, I’m happy to say that it does in fact have 4 more books in its series.

Steph is a friendly, likable character, however, I noticed that for someone who is so reluctant to make friends and be open with what Webster Grove has to bring, she opens up to Bridget and Nat very quickly. This didn’t set the story off for me, though I found it a little strange.

Nevertheless, the writing was very fresh, original, and at times a little too predictable, although, the few twists and surprises that happen will bring a sweet half-smile to the reader’s face. Overall, this short novella can be finished in a single setting and it’s one I’d recommend if you’re wanting a light, simple story to pass the time.

Will I be finishing the series? I’m not entirely sure. Though if it comes within my grasp, I’ll see what else awaits the residents of Webster Grove.

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