5 Literary Coffee Shops Around The World

It’s a well know fact that some of the world’s most famous authors penned their novels in coffee shops. There is just something about writers and coffee that makes sense. It’s a place to write while surrounded by strangers that you don’t actually have to talk to. And while writing can feel like it cuts you off from the world, writing in a coffee shop can make it feel less lonely. So, here we have a list of famous coffee shops, made famous by none other than the authors who wrote stories we all love inside of them. Maybe next time you plan a trip, you can plan it with one of these in mind, but that’s only a suggestion.


1. Caffe Trieste

This little haunt in San Francisco, California is well known to anyone who loves the Beat movement. When Caffe Trieste became a chain in San Francisco and Monterey Bay counties, it’s well known that writers and poets like Kerouac and Ginsberg would hang out there. If you’re a fan of the Beat Generation, Caffe Trieste is a place you don’t want to miss.


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2. The Elephant House

It’s well known that this little cafe in Edinburgh, Scotland was made famous when Harry Potter hit the book scene. J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (the original UK title) and some of her other novels in The Elephant House. If you visit Edinburgh, make sure The Elephant House is on your list. I’ve been there myself, and I highly suggest it. And make sure you don’t miss the bathroom while you’re there.


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3. La Closerie des Lilas

This Paris cafe has had some of the most famous authors inside of it. If you love the classics penned by James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway, and F. Scott Fitzgerald head to Montparnasse. There is so much literary history in these walls, and it’s every bibliophile’s dream coffee shop. These authors chilled out together, and wrote some of their most famous stories inside La Closerie des Lilas.


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4. Antico Caffe Greco

Ever felt like a trip to Rome? If you’re a fan of John Keats, Hans Christian Anderson, or Nikolai Gogol, Antico Caffe Greco is not to be missed. In fact, Anderson had coffee there every day. Imagine all the stories he wrote while sipping on a cup of jo. But those aren’t the only authors who visited the caffe. It’s a literary goldmine.


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5. Pedrocchi Cafe

This is the oldest cafe on the list. Founded in 1772, in Padua. The Romantic poet Lord Byron wrote in its walls. Not only that, but in 1840 it was used as headquarters for a political uprising against the Austrians who were occupying Padua at the time. If you’re a history buff, as well as lit fan, give Pedrocchi Cafe a visit.


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Talk about exciting places to get your caffeine fix! Next time you’re headed out into the world, maybe add these coffee shops to your itinerary.


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