8 Of The Best Jobs For Bookworms

If the eight hours you’re at work are nothing more than an interruption from your reading, it might be time to consider a change of career. These 8 jobs are some of the best careers that require a deep-rooted love of books.


1. Bookseller

Isn’t it every booklover’s dream to go to work and be surrounded by books all day? And lets not even get started on the employee discount! Consider working for independent bookstores rather than the giants like Barnes and Noble for a more authentic experience.

2. Book Reviewer

What could be more ideal than being compensated for reading a book that was already on your TBR list? Some book review companies pay per book reviewed or on how long the review is. Others literally pay you in free books.


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3. Librarian

Unlike working at a bookstore, being a librarian allows you to spend your time around classics and new books. You have the opportunity to recommend your favorites to young and old readers alike and you could even be the one who turns a child into a lifelong bookworm.

4. English Professor

Back when I was majoring in English, it was understood that the curriculum would include some books I loved and some that I didn’t – but required reading always seemed to be my professors’ favorite books. How great would it be to be the one who picked which books made it onto the syllabus? You have the perfect excuse to reread your favorite books every semester and you have a built in captive audience to discuss them with!

5. Literary Agent

Literary agents have the first say in which manuscripts become books. Hopeful writers present their work to agents and if the agent likes it, they pitch it to a publisher. As the gatekeeper of the publishing industry, literary agents get to see all the best up-and-coming writers and books before anyone else.

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6. Publisher

If you don’t want to weed through all the half-baked books to find that diamond in the rough, you might want to skip right to working for a publisher. Working for a publishing house gives you the opportunity to influence a book at various stages of publication – from editing to cover design.

7. Blogger

While blogging is an idealized source of income, it can still be a great side gig until you really gain a following. Book bloggers write everything from book reviews to opinion pieces that offer insight into the market.


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8. Author

If a blog isn’t enough of a challenge for you, you might try your hand at writing a novel. This isn’t a career for the fainthearted, however. Most authors also have day jobs. But with hundreds of thousands of books being published each year, there’s a decent chance yours just could be among them.

Do any of these booklover jobs appeal to you?

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