Blog It Out! 9 Of The Best Book Blogs To Get Addicted To

With so many options for readers these days, from classics to traditionally published books to the ever-growing world of indie publishing, it can be easy to get lost in the weeds of a lot of things that aren’t your speed, style, or let’s face it, maybe they just suck. Product reviews and ratings can only get us so far, and sometimes it can be quite amazing to connect with a group of like-minded readers who can’t get enough of the type of books that you love.

Book blogs can be some of the best places for readers to turn to connect over books and get recommendations about books they might actually end up loving. This list is by no means exhaustive, though it is a good place to start if you need a little guidance, or just plain human connection, in your reading life.

1. Omnivoracious

Omnivoracious, Amazon’s official book blog, is a great place to stay up to date on all things books. From reviews to interviews with authors, to updates on the industry, the blog covers all genres for all ages. It’s a great place of curated information for any reader.

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2. Modern Mrs. Darcy

For more of a personal touch, head over to Modern Mrs. Darcy, where Anne Bogel, a voracious reader and down to earth gal, shares her current reads and book recommendations along with her own musings on life and living well.

3. The Indieview

For those readers who want to read great books self-published by fantastic authors, head over to Indieview where they cater their reviews to books by Indie authors, helping readers sift through the chaff and discover fantastic new reads.

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4. The New York Review of Books

For readers who are looking for something a bit more intellectual, look no further. The New York Review of Books has reviews of literature as well as intellectual pieces that delve into analytical thought and culture.

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5. Nerdy Book Club

The Nerdy Book Club is a community of readers who write about books for children and young adults. They have spectacular reviews and recommendations, often coming from reading obsessed teachers who have great ideas to bring reading to the classroom as well as the home.

6. Book Riot

Are you one of those readers who read across all genres (or, at least, most of them)? This Book Riot is for you! You can search by genre, though this blog encompasses everything, offering posts for readers of all types.

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7. The Millions

It can be hard to read consistent, thoughtful reviews on books, but The Millions is one of the few long lasting blogs that post intelligent reviews across all genres, as well as discussions on culture.

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8. The Paris Review

The Paris Review is a great place for literature lovers. While it still publishes its own issues, its daily blog offers reviews, essays, and interviews.

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9. The Page Turner

The New Yorker’s book blog The Page Turner offers criticism and commentary on books and culture. Looking for something to listen to? Check out its podcast.

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Not finding what you want? There is an endless number of great blogs out there, but don’t forget about things like podcasts, book clubs, or even a chat over coffee with a friend who reads. Hearing another human voice discussing your favorite book can’t be beat!

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