Book Review: Herbs For Headaches And Migraine By Nalda Gosling

Herbs for Headaches and Migraine by Nalda Gosling


Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

Herbal medicine has been around for centuries. It disappeared for quite some time with the introduction and uprising of modern medicine before re-appearing again around the 70’s and 80’s. In today’s modern world, herbal and alternative medicines are again making a great comeback. Herbs for Headaches and Migraine by Nalda Gosling is one of fifteen short pocket books belonging to a collection of Everybody’s Home Herbal. Herbs for Headaches and Migraines is a short, aged book, originally published in 1978 containing only 64 pages, making it a handy little guide to have around the home for any family, or individual, interested in going back to the roots of modern medicine.

The book begins by defining the causes of different types of headache and migraines. It covers causes such as tension and eye strain, high blood pressure, stress, trauma and psychogenic headaches, among others. It describes how one would get these types of headaches, and how to avoid them.

The book also describes how diet can be a major contributor to getting, and avoiding, headaches and how different dietary issues may cause different types of headaches. Gosling advises people that diet is essential for avoiding headaches, and mentions what types of foods should be encouraged, and avoided at different meal times. Some of the diet-related headaches described and informed about in this book are sinusitis, liver conditions, nervous disorders, deficiencies and nutrient excesses.

There is also a specific short chapter on migraines and the different types of migraine. For anyone who has ever had one, or unfortunately for those who know migraines all too well and are long term sufferers, this chapter is of special interest in the types, causes, symptoms and methods of relief. Even for those who have never experienced the horror of a migraine, but know someone who has, it is a good idea to definitely read this chapter of only five pages so that you may help that someone or at least be able to sympathize when they have a migraine.

After the short, yet comprehensive, introduction to headaches and migraines, Gosling goes on to describe the different herbs and applications of such herbs for the different types of headaches and migraines. From Anemone and Chamomile, to Hops and Lavender, to Valerian and Wood Betony, this is an incredible book to have on your bookshelf. If you are stuck on which herbs to use and don’t feel like reading about every single herb mentioned in the book, Gosling includes a handy Therapeutic Index for different kinds of headaches as well as other symptoms such as anxiety, digestive issues, flatulence, menopause, mental fatigue, nightmares and urinary conditions, among many other common symptoms that can affect anyone at any point in their lives.

If you like reading about herbal medicine, but don’t feel like reading long scientific articles, these pocket books are an excellent choice. Others in the collection of fifteen include: Herbs to Help You Sleep, Herbs for Rheumatism and Arthritis, Herbs for First-Aid and Minor Ailments, Herbs for Cold and ‘Flu and Herbs and Fruit for Slimmers.

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