6 Sylvia Plath Tattoos That’ll Make Every Bookworm Swoon

Whenever a certain story leaves such a valubale and lasting impact on your life, there’s no way that you will ever be able to easily forget it. Whether it be a specific series, a special movie, or a particular author that is the root of the impact, the beauty of the memory remains the same. I personally do not have any tattoos, though I can certainly admire the folks below who decided to give homage to one of the 20th centuries’ most eloquent writers, Sylvia Plath. Let us know in the comments, do you have any book related tattoos?


1. Vulnerable Words

Words from the journals of Sylvia. Quite an intense quote to get tatted though the prose is very beautiful.


Source: Tattoo Pins

2. I Am

I love this quote from Sylvia. It’s simple, though so ethereal. Love the beating heart emphasis too.

3. Sylvia’s Face

This person decided to go all out and get The Bell Jar author’s face inked on them! True commitment!


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4. Words and a Flower

A simple flower dances along the words of the author in this tattoo.


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5. The Box is…

Only temporary. The depth of this is truly inspiring.

6. Step Letters

Beautiful words taken from the personal journals of Mrs. Plath.

Do you have any poetry related tattoos? Would you ever consider getting inked with your favorite author’s words?


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