6 Books That Will Help Kids Understand Divorce

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According to a study led by the APA (American Psychological Association) about 40 to 50 percent of married couples end up divorcing. Divorce is never something that is expected when you marry or that either party would want, though sometimes things do not work out the way we plan. The changes that accompany divorce can have an emotionally-draining affect on everyone involved, especially the children. So many questions pop up in their minds and, though we may not have the best answers, it’s important we acknowledge and talk to them about what they’re feeling. Below are 6 books that will hopefully guide you and your family in educating your child(ren) about the aspects of how to handle a divorce.

1. Standing on My Own Two Feet: A Child’s Affirmation of Love in the Midst of Divorce by Tamara Schmitz

This book offers great encouragement and a positive outlook on parents divorcing. It reminds kids that even though their parents may not be together like they used to be, their unconditional love and support remains the same.


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2. It’s Not Your Fault, Koko Bear: A Read-Together Book for Parents and Young Children During Divorce by Vicki Lansky, Jane Prince

Often, when changes abruptly happen, children can get confused and when it comes to divorce, they may consider that it happened because of something they did. This book is a read-along for parents to read with their kids to ensure them that what changes are happening is not due to anything they have done or said.


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3. Two Homes by  Claire Masurel, Illustrated by Kady McDonald Denton

I really like this one because it talks about an issue as serious as divorce, though sheds a positive light on it for kids. It helps the kids involved to see the ‘unique’ parts of having two homes.


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4. What in the World Do You Do When Your Parents Divorce by Kent Winchester, Roberta Beyer

This is a workbook where kids can write down their questions and emotions as well as be given simple answers about the changes between their parents. There is also a companion book, Speaking of Divorce, that would go along great with this one.


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5. Divorce Helpbook for Kids by Cynthia MacGregor

A great workbook that allows children to write down and work through all of their thoughts, emotions and questions about divorce.


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6. Family Changes: Explaining Divorce to Children by by Azmaira H. Maker Ph.D., Illustrated by Polona Lovsin

This book covers the dynamics of what might happen following a divorce and addresses those changes in an honest, gentle way that kids will understand.


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