Found your one true love, but not sure how to win their heart because they’re always hidden away behind a book? Look no further! We have some tips below on how to win the heart of your book lover.


1. Plan A Bookshop Crawl

Instead of going bar hopping, plan out a day where you go to different bookshops or libraries. Bonus points if you find unique independent bookshops or a famous library to visit. Finish up with a trip to a local coffee shop for a little book talk and a quick energy boost.

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2. Take Us Out For Dinner and A Movie

Buy tickets to the movie adaptation of our favorite books. Then follow up with a nice dinner, where you can listen to us complain all about what Hollywood got wrong.

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3. Cake Over Flowers

If you think sending flowers to the office is a nice gesture, guess again. Try sending an order of Bookish Cupcakes. Not only are they cute, but they’re also a tasty treat.

Source: Victoria's Kitchen
Source: Victoria’s Kitchen

4. Read Our Favorite Books

If you want to get to know us a bit more, read our favorite books! Not only will you then know what types of books and stories we enjoy, but it will also be a great conversation starter. You might also pick up some interesting tips from your love interest!

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5. Collector’s Editions Are Your Friends

Happen to come across a unique collector’s edition of your honey’s favorite book? Buy it! Nothing is more romantic than you remembering what our favorite book is! Just because we might already have 4 different copies of the same book, doesn’t mean we wouldn’t want just one more.

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6. Brush Up On Famous Literary Couples

Costume party coming up? Halloween in a few weeks? Whatever the reason, for any sort of “dress up” party, we will want to go as a famous literary couple. You having a couple in mind will definitely impress us; just don’t suggest Romeo and Juliet and you’ll be fine!

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7. Become A Book Lover Yourself

While it’s known that opposites attract, falling for someone who might not understand our love for books could be a total deal breaker. We’re not asking you to become a huge book lover like us, though you could at least try to read a book of your own choosing every once in a while. We would love to be on the receiving end of book recommendations for a change!

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8. When In Doubt, Just Buy Us Books

Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, etc., no matter the occasion, just buy us books. There’s no such thing as too many books, so don’t ever be afraid to buy us a book for a special holiday or just because. A true book lover will never refuse a story, old or new!

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There you have it! Now, try out the tips above to ensure your happily ever after!

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