Bookish Besties: Literary Characters Who Would Be Best Friends In Real Life

Have you ever met someone and thought “Man, this person would LOVE this other person I know!” Have you ever read a book and thought “Hmm. This character reminds me so much of another character from a different book.”

No? Well I have. Many times.

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Think about it. All the people I’ve listed below have similar personalities, similar backgrounds, and so many other things in common with one another. They may live in different locations and even different time periods, but I think their friendships could transcend all these obstacles. Besties 4 Life. Or at least until one of them feels threatened and tries to poison the other.

1. Peter Pan and Pippi Longstocking

Pippi would love Never Never Land! Both these kids are on their own, living life without adult supervision, refusing to grow up. One has the power to fly and the other the power to lift heavy things. These two are so much alike! Pippi would tell Peter stories about her dad and his days as a ship’s captain, and Peter would regale Pippi with tales of the tricks he’s played on Hook. Maybe they’d even play tricks together, where Pippi could lift up the Jolly Roger and tip Hook off the edge into the waiting crocodile’s arms, and Peter could fly around the Swedish village with Mr. Nilsson on his back, throwing chestnuts or something at the policemen.

It would be the smelliest friendship of all time, though, since neither of these wild kids would feel the need to take showers.

2. Jo March and Anne Shirley

Oh man. These two. I bet Jo would love to play the Lady of Shalott. Except she’d probably add in some blood and gore. Anne would be floating down the river in the dory and Jo would jump off the bridge and into the boat with a faux dagger and pretend to stab the lady to death. And as she lay pretend-bleeding to death in the water, a handsome Gilbert would splash in and save the day.

Later, Jo, Anne, and Diana would have a sleepover in the attic of the March house in Massachusetts and discuss who is more gallant, Laurie or Gilbert. Well, Jo and Diana would discuss it. Anne would try to change the subject by gushing about the gorgeously romantic cherry tree blossoms lining the streets of the vibrant city, giving it new life after the sadness and dormancy of wartime. Yep, that’s how that would go.



3. Lady Guinevere and Bella Swan

I don’t think I could handle being in a room with these two. “I don’t know who to choose! How did I get into this mess?” “One is so strong and loyal, and I’ve known him for years.” “But the other is just SO handsome!” Gag me with a forklift, as my mom would say. Cry me a river.

Spending time with Bella would no doubt cause Gwen to sound just like a lovesick teenager, despite her good breeding and societally-imposed ladylike-ness. Given the opportunity to vent to someone about her love triangle, I have no doubt that Guinevere would gush and moan like the worst of drama queens. And Bella would lap it all up, frequently interrupting to declare she is even worse off than her friend. There would be slumber parties in frilly, girlish bedrooms with large open windows looking at the full moon and posters of Fabio lookalikes lining the walls, and the two of them watching chick flicks all night long, sighing that the onscreen heroines have it so easy and they don’t even know it. Right?! Right.

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy

4. Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew

We all know that Sherlock doesn’t really have “friends,” but I think he’d be quite intrigued by this teenage sleuth. Sherl would have figured out The Secret of the Old Clock and The Mystery of the Tolling Bell in the blink of an eye, but I think he would be impressed (inwardly, of course) by Nancy’s dedication to detail and seeing things through. From Nancy’s point of view, the Baker Street boy would make a great friend and mentor. And being the well-groomed, good girl she is, she’d probably bond with Mrs. Hudson over the state of Holmes’ flat and try to help him change his sloppy ways.

She’d be appalled at his drug habit, of course, but maybe that would help her to break out of her naïve, straight-laced, relatively privileged upper-middle class mindset. Then again, that particular mindset might do Sherlock some good! Basically, the two would be a great fit, even if neither of them recognized it at first.



5. Harry Potter and Matilda

Oh, the things they could talk about! Both ached to belong to happy families and form loving relationships. Both went to schools that were… unusual, for lack of a better word. Both found mentorship from a learned teacher. And both had fun learning how to use their fantastic and fantastical powers. I bet Matilda would also be great friends with Hermione, given their mutual love of books. And move over Hannah Abbot; Matilda would be a perfect match for Neville Longbottom!



6. Christian Grey and Dorian Gray

(Is it a coincidence that they basically have the same last name? I think not.) Their man dates would be more like photo shoots than hangouts; two gorgeous men (who obviously know they’re gorgeous) in their impeccably tailored suits, sipping espresso from delicate cups as they cock their eyebrows and give half smile/smirks to the paparazzi outside on the sidewalk. Their cell phones would blow up with messages from one another, all pics of flawlessly beautiful, half naked women they’ve just ravished.

The only thing they might possibly argue about is whether it’s better to maintain a youthful physique through plastic surgery and dedicated exercise, or through ornately-framed artwork.

7. Merry, Pippin, and Sam I Am

If Sam I Am is such a huge proponent of breakfast foods, imagine what he would do with SECOND breakfast! And Elevenses! Blue quiche and sausage. Red waffles and bacon. Pink latkes and beans. Oh, the possibilities! And if he was cooking for Merry and Pippen, two things would happen: First, the hobbitses would mow down on every item Sam I Am set in front of them, before it was actually set down. Second, the three of them would be BFFs faster than you can say “more please.”

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Source: Giphy

8. Amy Dunne and Cersei Lannister

Okay, so maybe they wouldn’t exactly be besties. But they would smirk and smile and say exactly what the other person wanted to hear, all the while plotting the other’s gruesome demise. They’d have lunch dates on a waterfront patio, sip their long island iced teas, and silently review the many ways in which they’d benefit from the death of the other. Over slices of cheesecake, they would exchange stories of how humiliating it is to have books written about you, and how their husbands were selfish, philandering jerks, and how fun it was to ruin and/or kill him. They might even discuss their favorite baby names.

And then they’d put something in the other person’s drink and wait it out.

Which of your favorite characters do you think would be besties?

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