Golden Snitch Engagement Ring Boxes Exist Now

I’m not saying that I would turn down a marriage proposal if it weren’t Harry Potter-themed, but I absolutely would, and so would you if you had any self-respect.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to incorporate the magical series into a proposal—including a new Golden Snitch ring box designed by Freeman Jewellery in New Zealand.

Source: Elite Daily

Source: Elite Daily

I’m honestly surprised it took this long to become a thing, but this box is gorgeous. The description on Freeman’s website reads:

“The Freeman Design Golden Snitch Inspired Engagement Ring Box, is made to make that special moment an extra special surprise. Made out of Sterling Silver, the Snitch has an extra thick coating of 18ct Yellow Gold, with wings plated in an extra think coating of Rhodium. Made to be a necklace, it comes with a Nimbus 2000 Broomstick Inspired Charm which secretly doubles as the Key to open it. The Hinging and Catch Mechanism is concealed so when shut, keeps the Engagement Ring a complete secret.”

That’s right, guys. There’s a key and everything. And you can wear it as a necklace after?! I’m overwhelmed.

Source: Freeman Jewellery

Source: Freeman Jewellery

To add to the authenticity, “I open at the close” is engraved on the Snitch. And the recipient’s name is engraved on the inside, in case you forget who you’re proposing to in a moment of blind panic.

You can check out the Freeman Designs website for more info on this beautiful ring box. Or just link this article to the person you’ve been dating for a mere three weeks and see what happens. It’s up to you.

(Note: I was just kidding about refusing any non-HP proposal. I will also accept proposals designed around The Great Gatsby, the 1997 animated masterpiece Anastasia, or pizza.)

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Featured image via Freeman Jewellery

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