Women Protested Anti-Abortion Legislation In Texas By Wearing ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Garb

This Monday, the Texas State Senate considered anti-abortion legislation. Senate Bill 25 prevents parents from suing doctors if their children are born with disabilities, even in the event that prenatal tests detect a disability and a doctor withholds that information from parents. And Senate Bill 415 bans a procedure commonly used in second-trimester abortions.

Both bills, thinly veiled attacks on a woman’s right to choose, have now passed in the Senate and will move to a vote in the Texas House of Representatives. But the most newsworthy aspect of the proceedings? Several women protested against the measures by sitting in the chambers dressed as handmaids, à la Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel The Handmaid’s Tale.

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

“The scene in Texas sent a quiet warning to legislators that women are ready to push back against the recent increase in anti-choice legislation in states across the country,” The Huffington Post reported. “Pictures of the sheroes quickly made the rounds on Twitter with the hashtag #FightBackTX.”

The Handmaid’s Tale depicts a not-too-distant future in which a totalitarian, theocratic government has taken over the United States. Women have been stripped of nearly every right, their function diminished strictly to child-bearing and housework. Sales of the book have increased significantly since Donald Trump won the presidency, and Atwood herself has participated in protests against the new administration.

Source: @PPTXVotes on Twitter

Source: @PPTXVotes on Twitter

As more and more anti-women measures are introduced on a state level, The Handmaid’s Tale has shifted from speculative fiction to an increasingly relevant and frightening allegory.

The red robes and white bonnets made for a striking image in the Texas State Capitol on Monday. Hopefully, lawmakers in the House will heed these women’s powerful message when the problematic bills come to the floor.


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