Quiz: Fiction Behind The Film: How Well Do You Know The True Stories Behind These Oscar-Nominated Movies?

The glitz! The glamour! The gowns!

Tomorrow night when all the Oscar nominees walk the red carpet, the world will be focused on their stunning looks–and stunning acting abilities. But all the bookworms in the audience will know that there’s a whole other side to this awards show: the too-often-ignored books, plays, and novellas that inspired these great works of art.

Just as this video from Screen Junkies showcases the nominees for the movie honorees, the quiz below tests your knowledge of the stories behind them!

YouTube Channel: Screen Junkies

So, do you really know the true origins of these films? Did you faithfully read all the books before you saw the movie adaptations? Can you spot subtle differences between fiction and film? Take the quiz now and put your knowledge to the test!


Featured image via PicPhotos