Now You Can Color Your World With This International Coloring Book

There are some things in life that we all seem to share a compulsion to do. Us clever adults have managed to turn many things into respectable, adult versions. Like games. We all want to play games, but games can feel really childish. Thus Risk and chess and Cards Against Humanity were born.

Coloring is one of these things. There’s an indescribable comfort in coloring; any mom can tell you, the perfect weapon against hours of Barbie is a slyly suggested, “How about we color instead, sweetie? YOU love to do that, don’t you? Grab extra crayons for mommy….”


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Maybe it’s the fact that humans, no matter how analytical, are creative beings. Our very anatomy is constantly creating and recreating. We create speeches, date-nights, homemade birthday cards, songs, proposals, breakfasts; some of us objectively better at some things than others, sure, but we are all artists in our own way.


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Maybe that’s why we love to color. It’s mind-freeing art. We’re still making choices: what color do I use where? Which part do I color now? But there are parameters, the responsibility is not all entirely on us, we will never open a coloring book to see a terrifying blank page staring back.


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Nevertheless, coloring still isn’t quite like games. There’s been no cool, relevant, cards-style coloring book.

Until now…

If you love supporting entrepreneurs, if you love travel, if you love the idea that someone’s vision (not just marketing research) went into the product you are buying, and if you love, love coloring and haven’t been able to bring yourself to buy that coloring book that is all just geometric shapes, then the wait is over.


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Katie and Geoff Matthews have ensured that now you can have everything your heart desires (that is listed above). These amazing humans from Canada travel the world for a living, documenting their adventures and lifestyle at Wandertooth. These go-getters decided that going and getting was not enough. They wanted to give back.


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On their website you will find a myriad of awesome resources. They have city guides for the clueless who want to check our Europe; they have Where To Stay Guides; and they have their coloring books. The books are based on pictures that they take on their journeys. They are often done in collaboration with other travelers and artists, making this a global effort.


Source: Wandertooth

If you want to see the world, make art, and support artists, it might be time to check out Katie and Geoff’s Wanderlust!

YouTube Channel: Geoff and Katie Matthews



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