What Is Bookstagram And Do I Really Need It?

Recently I came across the term bookstagram. Being a baby boomer and not a digital native (who seem to have charismatic knowledge of these things), I did what I always do when I don’t know something, I typed what is bookstagram? into Google. The top post was How to get fabulously started on #bookstagram on the blog Paper Fury who offered the answer:

#Bookstagram = Instagram for books.

Nice, but how and where do I sign up?

A few days later, a post appeared on one of my favorite Facebook groups Bookaholic Café. The ‘poster’ wanted some feedback on images of books she was sharing on her bookstagram account.

Other group members popped up giving her suggestions. Where is this bookstagram? So I posted the question, and here were two helpful answers:

  • “Mainly book accounts on Instagram”
  • “Yeah! It’s basically an instagram account but the only photos I upload are of book related things, I do have a personal account where I upload family photos etc.. I also use the #”

So if I’ve got this right, you simply create an Instagram account for things book-related and give it a suitable name, upload images and tag them #bookstagram. Sounds easy.


But Do I Really Need It?

Looking at what I’ve posted, so far, to my Instagram account, it’s not so much book related as word-related. I like funny signs and strange objects, to date most of my posts relate to those. So should I set up a separate Instagram for books, a ‘bookstagram’ or just stick with what I’ve got? I’ll have to think about it, not sure I need two accounts at this moment in time.

In the meantime, here are 7 bookstagrammers to check out:

1. Bookstagramfeatures

This is an official Instagram account which pulls in images with the hastag #bookstagramfeatures with the aim of bringing together members of the bookstagram community.

2. Brimariereads

Brittany Marie is one of my helpful friends from above, and an aspiring writer who fits writing in during nap times. Not hers, obviously.

3. Emilyloureads

My other helpful friend, Emily Louise is a Belfast-based blogger/reviewer.

4. Paperfury

The blogger I mentioned at the top – her post is worth reading about how to get start a bookstagram – she presents featured books amidst bright, bold imagery.

5. Graceslibrary

This Mexican-American bibliophile gives reading recommendations accompanied by beautiful minimalist images.

6. Subwaybookreview

Book reviews with strangers on the subway in New York and the Tube in London – very cool.

7. Omg_Amreading

Yes, that’s our bookastagram, celebrating all things reading: the good, the bad and the slightly off the wall.


By the way, I’ve also seen the bookstagram hashtag on Tumblr. Do you have any helpful hints or suggestions for using bookstagram? You’ll find me on Instagram as kathygates12. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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Featured image via TopsyOne