Bookish Subscription Review: Uppercase Box

Uppercase Box is a monthly YA book subscription service that caters to people who have a specific interest in exclusive read-along content and only getting a few quality bookish items. These boxes are not particularly themed as many others are, but they work hard to include useful, quality items that can be used and loved by their subscribers. Each box features 1 newly released YA novel that is either signed or comes with a signed bookplate, 1-2 high quality bookish items, the Uppercase reading experience with exclusive content, and a handwritten note to you from one of the team members.

This box was paid for by the author of this article. It was not sponsored or provided by a third party.

Author's Own

Source: Author’s Own

Subscription Details:

The Box: Uppercase Box
The Cost: Starting at $13.99 plus s&h
Discounts: 10% off rep codes
What’s Inside: 1 newly released YA book, 1-2 bookish items, exclusive content

Shipping Information (based on location) –
USA, Puerto Rico, & APO addresses: $6.00
Canada: $24.00
** No current international shipping available

You have two options when signing up for this subscription: the “Expert” plan which includes everything that Uppercase has to offer for $23/month plus s&h, or the “Book Exclusive” plan which includes only the featured YA novel and the exclusive reading content to go along with it for $13.99/month plus s&h. These are the only two options, there are no 3-month or 6-month pre-pay options available. It automatically renews and charges your card on the 1st of each month and the box usually ships around the 15th to the 18th with tracking information provided via email.

Once you’ve subscribed and set up your account online, you have the option to add additional items to your box. Most of these items are leftover from previous months’ boxes; you pay for them individually. It’s a neat feature to be available, especially if you miss a month or see something that you just can’t live without from prior to the start of your own subscription!

My Review:

Hands down my favorite part about this box is the reading experience and exclusive content featured with the YA book provided. It’s something I’ve never done before this, and it is fantastic to be able to participate in a community of book-loving people who are reading the same thing as you that you can discuss with along the way! Last month’s box (October 2016) featured a signed book, which immediately gives me the warm fuzzies on the inside. When an author takes the time to sign a book, whether it is one of a kind or one of 300+, I think that it adds a level of appreciation and respect for it that you wouldn’t experience otherwise.

The box’s presentation was nothing spectacular, like I had mentioned previously there does not seem to be any kind of theme to it. It arrived in a padded priority mail envelope (which I also was not expecting, seeing as it is called the Uppercase box) and a cute burlap style sack that contained all of the goodies. Everything was in great shape, it was tightly packaged so there wasn’t much room for anything to slide around. Take a look at the unboxing below to see the contents, approx. value of the items, and my final thoughts on the overall cost and quality of this monthly subscription box!


1. Cassette Tape Bookmarks

One of the first things that I saw when pulling the contents out of the bag was this adorable set of 3 magnetic cassette tape bookmarks. They are very retro, and super easy to use. I love that they also have a ribbon that keeps your place in the book instead of just being a magnetic piece at the top of the page!

Est. value – $4.99

Source: Author's Own

Source: Author’s Own

2. Punk Rock Writers Journal

This is a super unique and totally fun journal that I never would have purchased on my own! The artwork is fantastic, and it features most of my favorite classic authors – I needed a journal too! How did they know?

Est. value – $8.99

Source: Author's Own

Source: Author’s Own

3. Erg Character Sticker

This was a cute little addition that is specific to the book that was included in the box. Erg is one of the characters, a doll, in Vassa in the Night so being able to see this depiction of her made it so much easier to picture her as I was reading!

Est. value – $1.50

Source: Author's Own

Source: Author’s Own

4. Reading Experience And Exclusive Content

Next up in this box was the handwritten letter by a team member at Uppercase (which personalizes this box a lot, I really appreciate the time and effort they put into this!), as well as the reading experience and exclusive content bookmark.

No Est. value

Source: Author's Own

Source: Author’s Own

5. Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter

And of course, last but not least, the featured book (that came SIGNED!!). This is a new release YA novel written as a modern retelling of the classic Russian folktale Vassilissa the Beautiful that offers a witty and unique spin on a classic story.

Est. value – $10.58 (signature priceless)

Source: Author's Own

Source: Author’s Own

Final Thoughts:

The value of this box (roughly $27.00) ended up being worth a little less than the total cost of the subscription itself which was a little surprising to me. Of course, if you consider the reading experience and exclusive content to be worth something then you might come up even, but to me it has no applicable monetary value.

I enjoyed the simplicity of this subscription. The fact that it comes with a signed book and a couple of useful bookish items makes it a lesser value box then some, but they work hard to curate good content and I do appreciate that. I wonder, however, how much of a variety of items they can offer with the limited size and space of their box’s presentation. It might get boring to only receive bookmarks and stickers, I plan to stay subscribed for another month or two to test it out further. Overall, Uppercase seems to be a worthwhile box for anyone who really utilizes reading experiences and exclusive book content, and has an appreciation for signed books!

If you haven’t subscribed to this bookish box yet, you definitely should!

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