3 Reasons Why Listening To Audiobooks Isn’t Cheating

Die hard book readers might scoff at those filthy casuals who listen to audiobooks. Can they really be said to have read the same book that they did? Did they decode the writing and transform it into meaning in their heads, or did someone do all the hard work for them?

I’ve figured out 3 reasons why listening to audiobooks isn’t actually cheating.


1. Cheating Implies That Reading Is Hard Work

If you think that listening to audiobooks is somehow cheating then wouldn’t that imply that reading is hard work? Reading should be a pleasurable escape! It’s not hard work. If you’re reading for school then you might be rolling your eyes right now. Yes, sometimes if you HAVE to read something you’re not into then reading is hard work. Not everyone wants to read Lord of the Flies. Don’t lose sight of how wonderful reading can be.

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2. Listening To Audiobooks Has Huge Advantages

It’s easy to listen to books while in the bathtub, on the bus, on a plane, or on a run; all you need is a phone. Some books are even better read out loud. We love humorous memoirs and audiobooks read by celebrities! Finally, it’s easy to share an audiobook with someone and take the time to listen together.

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3. As Far As Your Brain Is Concerned, You Aren’t Cheating

A study in 1977 of a small group of college students found that students who listened to a short story were able to summarize it just as accurately as those who read the story. This suggests that, as far as your brain is concerned, the processes of listening to or reading a story are the same. Pretty convincing!

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If you’re interested in the science of reading, check out Reading in the Brain: The New Science of How We Read by Stanislas Dehaene

What do you think, is listening to an audiobook somehow cheating?

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