Book Review: She Said, She Saw by Norah McClintock

She Said, She Saw follows a teenage girl named Tegan Tyrell who witnessed the murders of her two best friends, Clark and Martin. As can be expected, this event proves to be very traumatizing and unbearable for Tegan as she is forced to continually offer her accounts of what happened to police, family, friends, and everyone in between.

The entire 211 pages of this book focuses primarily on this question: What does Tegan really know? The author makes it appear as if Tegan is definitely hiding something, and does not offer the truth until the last few pages.


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Personally, I thought the plot for this young adult novel could have been built and structured much better than it was. It was kind of cringe-worthy to read at times simply because of the naïveté of some of the characters, including Tegan. The story is told from the perspective of Tegan and her sister, Kelly, who is on the fence on what to believe about what her sister said happened. It was very unbelievable for me in the sense that I could feel my eyebrows furrow together in confusion and annoyance while reading the novel because it just wasn’t laid out well.  The characters weren’t developed well, the plot was mediocre, and the ending was extremely anti-climatic.

One of the last quotes of the novel is spoken by Kelly and after all that her sister has endured and been through, all she has to say is, “Life, huh?”


Overall, I’m not really a fan of star ratings though on that scale I’d rate She Said, She Saw with a two out of five stars. This really could have been a great, intriguing novel. The characters and plot base just fell flat very quickly and remained that way through the end.

What are some stories that left you disappointed?

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