Happy Chocolate Day! 6 Yummy Books To Satisfy Your Sugary Cravings

July 7th marks Chocolate Day and what other way for bookworms to celebrate, (other than indulging in a delicious, ooey-gooey Crunch, Hershey’s or whatever-candy-you-love bar), than to surround themselves with books all about the sweet substance! Here are 12 sugary sweet books that’ll give life to your sweet tooth!


1. The New Taste of Chocolate: A Cultural and Natural History of Cacao with Recipes by Maricel Presilla

Take a spin back on the educational side of what makes chocolate taste so good with Maricel Presilla’s book, The New Taste of Chocolate. Great one to read if you want to add to your knowledge of all things cocoa!


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2. Celebrate with Chocolate by Marcel Desaulniers

This one of a kind cookbook by the gifted pastry chef, Marcel Desaulniers, is the perfect book for the ultimate chocolate fanatic. It includes a plethora of dessert recipes all involving, what else? Chocolate! Also check out Death by Chocolate by Desaulniers if you can’t quite quench your craving!


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3. Somersize Chocolate by Suzanne Somers

Love all things sweet and savory but fearful about gaining the extra weight that comes along with it? Well, my friend, your wish has been granted with actress and health advocate Suzanne Somers book, Somersize Chocolate that features all sorts of tasty treats that are both low in calorie and true to taste!


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4. The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Chocolate: With Over 200 Recipes by Christine McFadden and Christine France

Just as the title says! A complete chocolate lover’s paradise, well, at least in book form. A chocolate addict’s paradise might look a little like Willy Wanka’s factory. Also, check out another chocolate heavy book from these authors: Chocolate Bible: From Genesis to Nemesis: Exploring the Light and Dark Side of the World’s Best-Loved Ingredient.


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5. Gimme That Chocolate!: The PMS Survival Cookbook by Lora C. Mercado

This may be a little TMI for all the guys reading out there though it’s a known fact that when it’s that time of the month for the ladies, chocolate can easily turn into our best friend. (Dark chocolate especially has been proven to help ease cramps!) Gimme That Chocolate is a hilarious cookbook that offers insight on what women go through in regards to sugary cravings and delights and during what can be a painful, not so comfortable time.


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6. Lindt Chocolate Passion by Jim Scherer (Photographer), Ann Czaja (Compiler), Catrine Kelty (Food Styling)

I’m sure you’ve seen the dreamy commercials of a random lady passionately indulging in a piece of Lindt’s chocolate. As dramatic as it may be, I’ve tried the chocolate, and I have to say, it really is that good. (Where’s my commercial?) Since 1845 Lindt Chocolatiers have been a prominent force in the chocolate industry, consistently crafting and offering ways to make their beloved treat ever more rich and delightful. In this collection of photographs, go behind the scenes into one of the world’s leading chocolate pioneers.


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May your day be ever filled with all things chocolaty and delicious! I got to go bake some cookies, or brownies, or cupcakes…maybe all of the above. Further fuel your chocolate craving by checking out the mousse recipe below!

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