5 Great Books To Teach Your Kids About Sexual Diversity

“Mom! Why are those two men holding hands?”


If it hasn’t happened already, sometime in your lifetime your children will wonder why people of the same sex are attracted to each other. Sometimes the way they say it will sound rude to the slowly accepting but sensitive views towards LGBTQ sexual orientations. The main problem we face is: How do we explain this?

Well, Flamingo Rampant’s books may be your saving grace.

Most LGBTQ books in the current market offer an academic or self-preserving perspective towards sexual orientations outside of heteronormative standards. Many books confront a set of hardships people, who identify as anything other than straight, will likely encounter such as ridicule, bullying and suicide. Although they are useful in educating and finding ways to alleviate difficulties in these people’s lives, a number of books fail to recognize one important factor.

That factor is pride.

Source: Independent

Source: Independent

1. M is for Mustache: A Pride ABC Book by Catherine Hernandez

M is for Mustache: A Pride ABC Book celebrates all sexual orientations. A wide range of colorful illustrations accompany the vibrant, jolly language that gracefully covers aspects that all people should appreciate and acknowledge.

2. Is That for a Boy or a Girl by S. Bear Bergman

Is That for a Boy or a Girl? showcases a collection of small and meaningful poems. The main theme behind this book is getting rid of the boys things/girls things dichotomy. All children should be able to play with whatever makes them happy, and not with what the world says should make them happy.

3.  A Princess of Great Daring by Tobi Hill-Meyer

A Princess of Great Daring explores how the main character, Jamie, readies herself to tell people she really is a girl on the inside. This cute book highlights, both literally and metaphorically, the journey Jamie undertakes to find her courage to embrace who she is and how her friends ultimately react.

4. Love is in the Hair by Syrus Ware

This story follows a young girl and her uncle, who happens to be gay, telling her all sorts of intriguing stories about their family, all in eager anticipation of her baby brother’s birth.


Source: Daily Xtra

5. And Tango Makes Three by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell

Based on the true story of penguins Roy and Silo, who happily reside in the New York Central Park Zoo, and their partnership as parents to a baby penguin. A wonderful story that teaches children that families come in all sizes, genders, and colors.


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Flamingo Rampant’s collection of books as well as the growing variety of LGBTQ children’s stories are filled with colors and knowledge of topics even full-grown adults would have trouble talking about. These stories are fun and are definitely useful ways to show your children (perhaps even yourself!) what it means to accept and understand all sexual orientations. In the end, we’re all people.

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