16 Weird, Bizarre and ‘OMG How Did They Get Published’ Kid’s Book Covers

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We’ve all come across a few images or phrases that have us earnestly scratching our heads in confusion. As you’re causally strolling down the aisle of your favorite bookstore you might even be shocked, embarrassed, or weirded out by some of the titles you see. While people who, perhaps, just wanted to share a little humor may be the root behind a few of these book titles and covers, it certainly doesn’t make them any less disturbing!

1. Who Cares About Elderly People?

Now, I really do believe that this one’s intention is to teach kids why respecting and taking care of elderly people, such as their favorite granny or pawpaw, is important. The frankness of the title is definitely giggle-worthy, though,


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2. Dick, Dick, What Did You Lick?

We have to remember that back in the 50’s, Dick was the typical nickname for someone named Richard. Nowadays, especially those of us with a raunchy sense of humor, we laugh at a book such as this because the combination of Dick with lick is just not a word combination you want to have on a book. Let alone, a book for kids.


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3. Little Willy Pet Killer: Your First Guide to Serial Murder

You do not want to teach your kid to be a serial killer. You just don’t.


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4. How Mommy Gets Out of Tickets

It’s not really a secret that we all have thought up ways on how to get out of a ticket. Some ways a little more extreme than others, such as what Mommy’s does to get out of tickets. Now, get your mind out of the gutter. Mommy could very well just know how to talk her way out of a ticket.


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5. My Big Sister Takes Drugs

I can only imagine how disheartening that would be to catch your sibling doing drugs, especially for a young child.

6. The House That Crack Built

Yikes. Just yikes.

7. My First Little Boob Job 

We want to ensure that our kids are confident in their own skin, though this takes self-confidence way too far for a child.


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8. A Good Place to Hide the Body Parts

This one will go great with Little Willy Pet Killer.


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9. Polly Paints a Penis

Polly should be painting a doll house, a rainbow, a spaceship. Anything but this. Polly should not be painting a penis.


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10. All The Friends You’ll Make in Witness Protection

Well, if you’re planning on going into the Witness Protection Program then I guess this book would suffice as a way to explain it to your children? Actually, no, scratch that. Do not read your kids this book.


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11. Mommy and the Milkman

Even if you know that your kid’s real dad also delivers fresh milk to the home daily, keep it to yourself. Don’t buy a book to explain it.


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12. Don’t Worry, We Won’t Kill You

The Shining, anyone?


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13. Where Willy Went

A book that explains the science behind what a sperm is, what it’s made of, how it’s formed, and where it goes to eventually fertalize an egg. It could be used as a way to teach kids about the basics of how babies are formed though I think it’s best to stick to the old-fashioned ‘stork dropped you off’ story for at least a couple more years.


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14. While Daddy’s Doin’ Time: Counting the Days Until He’s Back on the Streets

Well, this story doesn’t seem to have much confidence in Daddy does it?


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15. Goodbye, Testicles

Your testosterone filled furry buddy is cringing as you read this title. Brings back too many horrible memories.


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16. If You Give a Cyclops a Kitten

This is probably the most ‘normal’ one on this list. That’s saying a lot.


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Okay, so you survived what is probably the weirdest part of your day. What’s the weirdest book title or cover you’ve seen?


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