12 Quirky Home Decor Items Every Bookworm Needs

By making the choice to click on this article, you’ve decided to essentially give up on trying to curve your obsession with all things book-related. (Or, you could be a lovely person looking for a gift for your bookworm buddy. How nice of you.) Either way, I’m glad you’re here! Among these 12 items you’ll surely find the new perfect thing you can show off to your non-reader friends. I mean, it’s not like we’re clandestinely trying to encourage them to read more right? (Wink)

1. Harry Potter: The Complete Series Book Pillows

I’m not at all surprised that someone thought of this and put their blood, sweat and tears into making them. Perfect for the Harry Potter fanatic in your life. (It’s totally okay if that’s you. Treat Yo Self!) Also, if these cushions aren’t your cup of tea but you’re still a Potter lover, check out this awesome Hogwarts Pillow Cover.


Source: Etsy

2. Tissue Box Dispenser

Well, would you look at that. Now, whenever you’re hopelessly drawn to that heartbreaking story of your choice, you’ll have your tissues right by you, ready for comfort.

tissue box

Source: Amazon

3. Quote Wall Decor

Excellent choice for a true quote fanatic. These decals are also easy to peel off and re-stick to other places if need be.


Source: Amazon

4. Funny Saying Picture

Simple and funny. You’ll for sure get a few chuckles out of friends and family who take a glance at it. There’s also a cute tote bag, coffee mug, T-shirt, bookmark, and, of course, a pillow cover.


Source: Amazon

5. Ceramic Stacked Books

Your garden will be even more beautiful with this lovely piece among it.


Source: Amazon

6. Simple Owl Bookends

These baby owls will always keep a watchful eye on your prized literary possessions. There are also some black owl bookends.


Source: Amazon

7. LED Reading Lamp

Essential for late-night (that turns into early-morning) read-a-thons. Plus, it’s a cute plant that adds a relaxing touch to your reading area.

reading lamp

Source: Amazon

8. Frog Statue

Perhaps, this frog will be a great example to other frogs.


Source: Amazon

9. Mushroom Lights

These would be so cute for a child’s room.


Source: Amazon

10. Book Holder

Very convenient and helpful when you want to read but don’t have the full use of your hands!


Source: Amazon

11. Dr. Seuss Reading Chart

If you’re trying to encourage your children to read more, this would certainly make it more exciting!

dr.suess reading

Source: Amazon

12. Office Supply Organizer

Perfect for keeping organized but also cool to admire on your desk.


Source: Amazon

Could you see yourself purchasing any of these remarkable bookish items? If you do, remember to tag us in your pictures so we can see!

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