51 Places To Find Totally Free Books

As a kid growing up in a small town in rural Arkansas, I was blessed to live within walking distance of a truly awesome small library. I would have loved having online access to all of the books I wanted.

I found a huge list of free books sites at Fried Beef’s Tech and I added some of my favorites to it. Enjoy!

  1. ManyBooks  Free eBooks for your PDA, iPod, or eBook reader
  2. BookCrossing  Where real books are released into the wild to be found by others
  3. LibraryElf  The perfect companion to a public library system
  4. FreeComputerBooks — Huge collection of computer, programming, math, technology, lecture notes, and tutorials
  5. Scribd  Open library to publish and discover documents online
  6. Word Public Library 400,000 PDF ebooks for download
  7. Free Tech Books  Free computer science and engineering books, with?lecture notes
  8. Bookins  Swap books with other readers
  9. OnlineFreeEBooks 9 categories that include business, automotive, hobbies, medical, martial arts, health
  10. Wowio  Public domain, free legitimate?copyrighted?materials, and one of the few sites that has comic books
  11. BizBooktalk  Free book giveaway contests on Fridays
  12. CHMPDF  A collection of general interest and technical ebooks
  13. Realtime Publishers  Free IT eBooks by many of the world?s best authors
  14. FrugalReader Trade Books for free
  15. TitleTrader  Swap books, movies, and music
  16. ZunaFish  Trade your old media and books items for new titles you?d rather have
  17. SwapSimple  Swap your used books here
  18. FreeTechBooks  Engineering and programming books and textbooks
  19. SwapThing  Community of users who swap items including books
  20. BookCart  Internet paperback exchange
  21. SF-Books  Exchange Sci-Fi Books here
  22. PaperbackSwap  Swap books for free
  23. PinkMonkey – 450 Study Guides / Booknotes / Online Chapter Summary Notes and Analysis
  24. eBookWorld  Technical resources
  25. Flaxx  IT and computer books
  26. Baen Library  Free science fiction and fantasy novels
  27. LibraryThing  Social networking and free books
  28. Online Books Page  Facilitates access to books that are freely readable over the Internet
  29. Glubusz  Another great list
  30. Podiobooks  Free audiobooks that you can subscribe to with iTunes
  31. BookRags  Research material in the form of eBooks
  32. Technical Books Online  Old tech books from the ?vacuum tube age? of electronic
  33. KnowFree  Exchange books and videos for educational purposes and self-practice
  34. ebookSearchr  Google powered
  35. Internet Archive  The Intenet indexed ? that includes a vast?text library
  36. BookYards  Books, videos, education materials
  37. GetFreeEBooks  Another great site
  38. The Online Books Page More than 30,000 free books
  39. DocStoc Online document sharing website
  40. Gutenberg Project Top 100  The oldest producer of free ebooks on the Internet
  41. BookMooch  Community for exchanging used books
  42. ebookSpyder  Specializes in technical books ranging anywhere from C# to AJAX
  43. Google Book Search Read the classics online
  44. Dwalin Plain text novels
  45. Baen Free Library Downloadable science fiction
  46. Free-eBooks You can also download free magazines and submit your own ebook
  47. FreeBookSpot Online source of more than 4,000 free books in 96 categories
  48. Free Computer Books Technical resources about computers
  49. Librivox  Audio works and podcasts of books
  50. WIkibooks  Free textbooks
  51. DailyLit  Receive small parts of books via email

Many thanks to Fried Beef’s Tech for compiling much of this awesome list.