10 Absolutely Adorable Animals Reading Books

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Everyone loves cute pictures of animals doing human things, and that includes reading books! Check out these cutie pies pretending to read!

1) An adorable Labrador puppy reading 101 Dalmatians.


Source: Pinterest

2) A sophisticated looking pooch who is even wearing reading glasses! How adorable!


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3) A fluffy little kitten!


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4) A tiny little hamster reading a book with words as long as his little feet!


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5) A gorgeous unlikely pair reading a book about themselves.


Source: Travellin Penguin

6) Who doesn’t love a pug reading a newspaper!


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7) Three adorable Jack Russell puppies reading with glasses on!


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8) A sassy cat reading the newspaper peering over it’s spectacles.


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9) A rabbit reading! It looks so cute with those over-sized glasses on!


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10) A cute puppy admitting he can’t read


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You don’t have to be a master at reading to enjoy the world of books. Whether you’re just looking at the pretty pictures, admiring the sounds and smells of the pages or really trying to read, books can be enjoyed by anyone, of any age, and any species!



Featured image via Kitty Horror

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