Out With The Old: 6 Books To Help You Overcome Negative Habits

Biting your nails, procrastinating, telling little white lies every now and then to not have to deal with a particular consequence; these are among the many negative habits that some of us fall guilty too. It’s nothing to beat yourself up over, we’re all human and full of flaws after all, though as long as we’re here, there’s no harm in trying to kick those negative habits to the curb and start replacing them with positive ones. Here are 6 books to lead you in the right direction:


1. Unplug: A Simple Guide to Meditation for Busy Skeptics and Modern Soul Seekers by Suze Yalof Schwartz

“I’m busy.” The go-to statement of modern society. Sometimes we just say it without even realizing we’re saying it! Try to learn and take at least 5 minutes a day to breathe, clear your mind, and just be. Schwartz’s book is a great way to start programing yourself to take a few moments and just exist without distractions.

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2. Mindful Games: Sharing Mindfulness and Meditation with Children, Teens, and Families by Susan Kaiser Greenland

If you’re a parent of children aged 5-18, you may have rolled your eyes at this one. How could a book convince my chaotic household to calm down and just enjoy the quiet moments of the day? Well, honestly, I’m not the one to be giving advice about that. Greenland, however, is the perfect person to explain how you can get your family to unplug, chill for a bit, and play fun games while doing so.

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3. Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth

“Just think positive.” Easier said than done. On the bright side, though, we do have more control than we realize over our thoughts and reactions to life occurrences out of our control. Duckworth explains and motivates readers in her book by proving that one can be practical, positive, and passionate in whatever situation you’re in.

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4. The Mystery Of Sleep: Why a Good Night’s Rest is Vital to a Better, Healthier Life
by Meir Kryger, M.D.

Let’s face it, we could all give our bodies a better goodnight sleep than we usually do. Kryger backs up the prominence of physical rest with fascinating health and scientific statistics.

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5. Dancing in the Rain: Leading With Compassion, Vitality, and Mindfulness in Education by Jerome T. Murphy

Life sure isn’t predictable and sometimes it’s good to just ‘dance in the rain,’ figuratively or literally, whatever you prefer, and try to view your situation from a different perspective.


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6. The Craving Mind: From Cigarettes to Smartphones to Love—How We Get Hooked & How We Can Break Bad Habits by Judson Brewer

A more technical approach on how to break away from more difficult bad habits such as smoking, spending too much time on social media and the web, and understanding why and how these habits form so we can stop future ones from forming.

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The first step in trying to break a bad habit is to discover why we do it. Be patient with yourself and keep pushing forward. Replace those not so beneficial habits with more productive ones.

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