Baby Book Lovers: 10 Literature-Inspired Baby Nurseries

One of the greatest responsibilities as a parent is teaching our kids. And one of the most important, and most fun, lessons we can teach them is to love reading. Luckily, we can start from day one by surrounding them with a literature-inspired nursery.


1. Peter Pan

So many parents want their kids to stay little. What better theme for their room than about the boy who never grew up? They can grow up believing in faith, trust, and Pixie dust.

Peter Pan sign

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Even if you don’t want to purchase Disney Peter Pan products, which there is nothing wrong with, you can still have a Peter Pan room.

subtle Neverland


2. Where the Wild Things Are

Let’s be honest, a nursery is where the wild things are. But hopefully your little wild things will be much cuter-and better behaved-than those in the book.

Wild things

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3. Dr. Seuss

Which Dr. Seuss book should you choose? There are so many options, it could be a blog post all on its own! You could pick just one or do a smattering of your favorites.

Seuss Garland

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And the quotes! So many fun quotes to choose from.

Seuss quote

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4. Curious George

I can’t count how many parents call their babies their “little monkeys.” And for good reason. Babies are adorable, cling to their parents, climb up a million things, make grunting sounds, and-yes-are very curious.


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5. Charlotte’s Web

Think of all the cute decoration ideas you could use for a Charlotte’s Web theme. Rustic barn decor, stuffed farm animals, and cute spiderweb words would work for either gender and be super fun for kids.

Charlotte's Web

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6. Harry Potter

Harry Potter memorabilia exists for every situation and every decorating taste. Of course, Potterheads are going to indoctrinate their babies with HP love from birth! For a Harry Potter nursery, there are owls, book quotes, trains-all completely sweet and cute baby things-for a nursery. You can be as subtle (or not) as you want to be.

Subtle HP


HP sign

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7. YA Books

Your baby won’t always be a baby. Eventually, they will be able to read and love YA. Just keep in mind that they will probably like YA books that come out “in their generation,” but you can teach them to appreciate what will become the classics by the time they are teens. Feel old yet? Yep, me too.

some stories sign

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8. Matilda

Although Matilda isn’t a typical choice for room decorations, honestly I just love this lampshade. It’s so cute!

matilda lampshade

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9. Mushy Kid’s Books

You’ve got so many sweet, mushy kid’s book quotes to choose from to cover your baby’s wall, like Love You Forever or Guess How Much I Love You.

I'll love you sign

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10. All books

If you can’t decide on just one book to base your nursery on, then just do a reading or general book theme! You can’t go wrong there.

read to me

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What literature-inspired theme would you use for your baby’s nursery?

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