8 Inspiring Books Loved By Painter Caitlyn Chisamore

Caitlyn Chisamore is the second person in this series featuring creators and the books they love. Chisamore graduated from the Ontario College of Art & Design University in 2011. Her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Drawing and Painting is the educational base of her extreme talent. Caitlyn’s primary medium is oil paint on canvas, through which she creates realistic portraits. For her full portfolio, bio, and a comprehensive list of her exhibits as well as other professional accomplishments, visit Caitlynchisamore.com.


Source: Caitlyn Chisamore (Photographed by Erin Loree)

The term portrait doesn’t do justice to the vivid images Chisamore composes with her paintbrush. Her work is a raw look at human connection, relationships, and emotion. She explores attachment, intimacy, and comfort within her work, and uses touch as a theme. Caitlyn Chisamore is a gifted painter whose work is awe-inspiring. Today, she lets us in on her favorite art books.


Source: Caitlyn Chisamore (Photographed by Erin Loree)


Source: Caitlyn Chisamore (Photographed by Erin Loree)

“These are the books that have helped me over the years to navigate my path as an artist.  I have chosen my most influential art books that have revealed honest, insightful, and inspiring messages that lifted my spirits and resonated with my personal journey. I hope these books can bring the joy, encouragement, growth and inspiration that they have in my life.  Enjoy, and trust the process.”

~ Caitlyn Chisamore

1. Art As Therapy by Alain de Botton & John Armstrong

“I highly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in art. This perspective on the purpose and history of art is intellectual, philosophical and relatable. It includes colorful reference photos of the work in discussion, and breaks down the aspects of looking at and creating art, through chapters on methodology, love, nature, money and politics.”


Source: Amazon

2. Art & Fear by David Bayles & Ted Orland

“Creation and performance in the arts is incredibly vulnerable and personal. This book touches upon the fears associated with art. I came across it at a vulnerable period in my life, as I was finishing my thesis year at OCAD University. It simply states fears and insecurities that artists face and it made me feel not so alone or uncertain on my path.”


Source: Amazon

3. Art And Soul by Bruce L. Moon

“This is a very interesting book from the perspective of an art therapist. Moon references sessions with his patients, and how the process of making art had transformed their perspective and healed their trauma.”


Source: Amazon

4Color And Light: A Guide For The Realist Painter by James Gurney

“Gurney is a renowned illustrator and has mastered the understanding of the invented form, color and light. I think every artist should read this at least once. Then read his Imaginary Realism book.”


Source: Amazon

5. Classical Painting Atelier by Juliette Aristides

“This book is an important for artists who have an interest in realism and are looking to improve their painting skills. It has step-by- step examples of painting processes, expressive and educated observations, as well as beautiful reference photos from contemporary and classical artists.”


Source: Amazon

6. The Art Spirit by Robert Henri

“Go buy this book now! It contains an eloquent and passionate collection of letters by the artist and teacher Robert Henri. This book offers valuable advice and heart-felt, descriptive interpretations on artistic process. You can open it to any page and receive poetic and inspiring insights into what it means to create.”


Source: Amazon

7. The Mission Of Art by Alex Grey

The Mission of Art describes the transformative and spiritual power of art, with references to art history, spiritual practices and literature, psychotherapy, and Grey’s own career as a visionary artist.”


Source: Amazon

8. Hawthorne On Painting Compiled by Mrs. Charles W. Hawthorne

“Much like The Art Spirit, this book is a collection of notes from lectures. It is divided into section by categories; the outdoor model, still life, landscape, indoor model, and watercolor. Hawthorne’s lessons immersed in these pages evoke the feeling of being a student in an art class. It lacks a formal style with a scattered and separated organization of thoughts, with simple yet poignant advice for the painting practice.”


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It’s clear to see that painting is Caitlyn’s passion in life. Her choices of art books show how devoted she is to her work, and she had a hard time stopping at eight! If you are looking to pursue a future in creating visual arts, here are five more reads she recommends:

As well, Caitlyn gave five books that are otherwise influential in her life:

I have dabbled (and I use that term very loosely) in the art world, painting abstract and simple forms. Though it’s a hobby that makes me happy from time to time, I cannot imagine the work that goes into creating masterpieces like Caitlyn Chisamore’s. It’s a truly unique talent that I have mad-respect for. As Caitlyn continues to concur the world with her paintbrush, and read awesome books while she does it, it leaves me with one question: What books inspire you to work your magic?

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