Let’s Party! 16 Easy And Quick Book Party Favors

You’re having a party! You’ve got the party decorations and refreshments. All book themed, of course. But now, what should you do for book-themed party favors?

Check out this list of party favors that will have your guests loving books as much as you do.


1. Classic Storybook Favor Bags

These custom canvas bags are reusable and adorable!

2. Page Treat Bags

Simple, DIY, inexpensive. Perfect for a last-minute favor.


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3. Books

If you themed your party based on books or a particular book, why not give it to your guests?


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4. Book Cookies

If you have a square cookie cutter, these would be pretty simple and adaptable to any particular book.


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5. Harry Potter

There are millions of possible party favors for a Harry Potter party. You could make and give pretzel wands, candy to protect against Dementor attacks, or these golden snitches.


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6. Buttons

We don’t see buttons very much anymore, but these are fun for putting on backpacks or casual purses.


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You can never have too many bookmarks. Am I right?

8. Bookworm Package

Yummy and punny.

9. Hunger Games

For a Hunger Games party, you could label hand sanitizers to use for battle in the arena.


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10. Candle Holders

This favor would work especially well if the party is themed on a romantic book.


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11. Candy Books

These cute and yummy DIY candy crafts could easily be done for any specific book, particularly a long, thick book.


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12. Lord Of The Rings Ring

If only the One Ring could have been as easy to destroy as a Ring Pop. If only.


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13. Library Bags

It probably wouldn’t be too hard to do these yourself, and they are super cute.

14. Austen Game

How funny would it be to play this with Austen‘s love interests?


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15. Austen Fan

For Austen fans–hehe–these paper fans would be a suitable favor for Austen-themed parties.

16. Percy‘s Drachma

Give your guests money (and a snack) for the taxi ride home.


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Go on, plan that awesome party!

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