Book Lover’s Edition – How To Make A Perfect Message Jar For Loved Ones

Book lover stuck on what gifts to get other than books? Trust me; I’ve been stuck on that too.

However, after a few years of giving books over and over again, I realized a message jar can really save you.

Wish jars are normally filled with handmade stars, sparkling dusts and all sorts of decorations. This time, we will write using our love of reading!


  • Jar
  • Ribbon/String
  • Paper, preferably thick (Colored or white)
  • Whatever little decorations you like
  • Pens/Markers
  • Scissors

1. Prepare The Messages

  • Quotations
  • Words of comfort
  • Anything helpful
  • Personal favour coupons such as free lunch, a movie together and more

Be creative. Think hard. Use all the ideas you can think of from books! This is probably the most fun you’ll have fun in a while. Not only will it make you feel great crafting each message personally, but you have complete control of everything you’ll like. You can divide your messages into topics of interest like work, stress and relationships. Perhaps have a jar full of your significant other’s favorite book quotations. Here are a few cheesy (albeit low photo quality) examples I have.


Source: Author’s Own Content



Source: Author’s Own Content

2. Cut The Papers

Cutting the messages into 3 – 5 cm length pieces will have it looking great as a paper roll.

3. Roll Up And String Up

Tie up all your messages with whatever kind of strings or ribbons you like. This will also be a bit of a long process but seeing the results of every completed roll will be sure to have you feeling warm inside!


Source: Author’s Own Content


Source: Author’s Own Content

4. Decorate, Decorate, Decorate

Decorate the jar. Decorate the messages. Decorate the insides. Let your creativity loose and see what you end up with. I would recommend some confetti, stickers and labels. Find things they like and throw it in.


Source: Author’s Own Content


Source: Author’s Own Content

5. Package It

Store it in a box, a basket or anything else that can be decorative. The person you’re giving it to will appreciate all the work you put into it. This is truly one of the best personalized gifts you can give to people.


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This is a gift that will take a lot of time and effort; however, it is also very rewarding. This might be the present to give to someone you really care about for a special event! Let your creativity flow and make it your way!

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Featured image via Catching Sundust

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