5 Ways To Share The Gift Of Reading In Your Community

Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to be jolly than giving away your used books?

Whatever your purpose is, either cleaning clutter for winter break or in preparation for the New Years, giving your used books is one of the best ways to clean and give — something that not only puts you in the Christmas spirit but helps you declutter your house in a productive way.

Below are five ways you can share the love and awesomeness of reading in your local town/city:


1. Family, Friends And Others

First of all, share the gift of reading to those you love and care about. Your parents, your siblings, and your friends will all appreciate a book that might interest them. Look around and see what their preferences are.

Source: Graphic Stock

Source: Graphic Stock

2. Your Past Or Current Educational Institution

Your past or current educational institution may be delighted to accept your books for future generations; giving back knowledge to your school can be the perfect way of thanking them for where you are now. You could also give some books to your favorite teachers!

Source: Graphic Stock

Source: Graphic Stock

3. Libraries

If you’re never sure where to give away your used books, head to your favorite local library. Many non-profit, charitable groups such as Friends of the Libraries promote library services in the community and host book sales. If you want to help raise awareness and expand the reading network in your local community, check with your library and see how your books can make a difference this season!

4. Thrift Stores

Donate your books to a local thrift store to increase the availability of books in your community. Be aware, some thrift stores may not operate as non-profit organizations; ask your local thrift stores what their policies are on donated books.

Source: Graphic Stock

Source: Graphic Stock

5. Make Your Own Fundraiser

Go around and gather used books from your community with the help of friends and like-minded citizens. Check online for local fundraisers that would be more than happy to purchase your books! Then you can use the profit for whichever charity you see fit.

Source: Graphic Stock

Source: Graphic Stock

Worried if your used books may smell? Fear not! Here is a video on how to get bad smells out of books, below!

YouTube Channel: Between Chapters


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