This Edgar Allan Poe Inspired Cake Has A Beating Jello Heart

One of writer Edgar Allan Poe’s best-known works is “The Tell-Tale Heart.” Published in 1843, the short story is told by an unnamed narrator who tries to convince the reader of the narrator’s sanity. At the same time, the narrator describes in detail a murder that they committed. The victim was an elderly man with a filmy “vulture-eye.” The tale involves careful calculation, an attempt at the perfect crime, and is complete with dismemberment and hiding the body under the floorboards in a house.

There’s only one problem with all of this.

The dead man’s heart continues to beat underneath the floor, slowly driving the murderous narrator insane.

To say the least, it’s a grisly tale and an epic work of Gothic fiction.

The Tell Tale Heart Edgar Allan Poe book cover book cakes


Well, Jane, the owner of Fanciful Cakes, created for Valentine’s Day an absolutely exquisite cake that was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart.” The cake looks like an open vintage book and has a distinctive feature: a beating heart that’s made of Jello.

The details in this cake are phenomenal. For example, a pump makes the “heart” beat and the words are printed on the cake with an icing printer.

Watch this video, uploaded by Alasdair Martin, Jane’s daughter.

Alasdair describes it as:

“All cake, all edible, all pumpy. My mom whipped this together for the office valentines day party. Do you have the heart to like it?”

The comments on this video are awesome. One person said, “I’m gonna need footage of you cutting into it.” Another said that it’s terrifying “and I want one for my next birthday.”

Other people are saying they want info on where to order one, citing an annual Edgar Allan Poe themed fundraiser for their local library.

Most of us just want Jane to be our mom so we can get cakes like this for our holidays. Seriously.

Want to hear The Tell-Tale Heart read aloud? Watch below.

I had a literary wedding and we did a book cake, but this Edgar Allan Poe throbbing heart cake…..(ready for it?)….takes the cake. OK, I am done.