J.K. Rowling Has Stephen King’s Back In The Twitter Battle Against Trump

When it comes to Twitter, we can always rely on everyone’s favorite Twitter superstar J.K Rowling to doll out the justice when the time comes. Her wit and unrelenting stubbornness over the last few months have brought a little joy to our feeds that too often darkened by the likes of Trump.

Today, our favorite Twitter Wizard took it upon herself to become an ally and offer a helping hand to none other than fellow author Stephen King who found himself blocked on Twitter by President Trump. And, naturally, King responded with a heavy dose of sarcasm:

No worries, Stephen, J.K. has you covered:

Such understated, satirical support of her fellow writer did not go unnoticed by the rejoicing public, who couldn’t be happier to find two of their favorite authors coming together to troll the extremely out-spoken President.


Of course, it may go without saying that Rowling herself may find herself blocked in the future, considering her outspoken, unfiltered opinions of the Trump administration.

However, blocked or unblocked, the real message here is one of dry humor in the face of adversity. A flippant response to a flippant, hasty act it may be, but it is one that raises this trivial matter to a platform of ridicule, subtly condemning a petty act that shouldn’t go ignored, especially when it comes from the President himself.

In any case, we can all look forward to a long future of satirical Twitter commentary from Rowling, King and all of our outspoken authors out there.

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